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If you are encouraging colleagues to recycle then firstly you should educate yourself on recycling, the advantages and different methods. Once you are fully informed and are ready to embark on the recycling campaign then it is advisable to keep the campaign as simple as possible. Recycling signs are a great way of informing and instructing others. Recycling signs should always be visible in key recycling areas.


Having separate bins for recycling different materials is a great way of separating waste and will save you a lot of work. We have signs for the different recycling materials as follows:

• Aluminium Cans
• General Waste Sticker
• Plastics
• Paper
• Other Recyclables

Recycling in the Office

• Make sure everyone understands the advantages and importance of recycling.
• Print only what you need.
• Print double sided.
• Use print preview before printing.
• Use email as much as possible.
• Share catalogues and newspapers between colleagues.
• If you get unwanted catalogues contact the company who is sending them and ask to be removed from their mailing list.
• Use a lunch box instead of lunch bags, cling film or tin foil.
• When you can, try to purchase office supplies made from recycled materials.
• Have recycling bins in the canteen and nominate a person to make sure they are emptied regularly.
• Encourage colleagues to submit recycling ideas, have a suggestion box and offer a prize for the best recycling tip.
• Offer incentives for staff to reduce waste i.e. half of the money saved in waste collection costs will be put into a staff night out fund.
• Remember one man’s rubbish can be another man’s treasure so look at ways of giving waste to people who might use it i.e. if you are shredding a lot of paper maybe contact a local pet shop to see if they would use it, if they do arrange for them to regularly collect the shredded paper.
• If you have old office furniture or equipment don’t just dump it, repurpose it or resell it.
• Buy rewritable cds and dvds.
• Remember keep everyone informed of progress being made this will encourage people to do even more. Send a monthly email detailing recycling efforts.

Advice on buying recycling signs

Before buying recycling signs draw up a recycling plan. Visit your local recycling centre and see what you can recycle. Once you know the materials you can recycle then purchase the relevant recycling signs and bins. Another consideration is where the recycling sign will be located, will the sign be located indoors or outdoors. Depending on where the sign is located will determine the type of material the sign needs to be made from.