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• Safety boots are an essential piece of equipment for a variety of workplaces including construction sites, factories, warehouses and other professional environments where there is a high risk of foot related injuries. Modern safety boots are available in various designs which allow finding safety boots that exactly meet user’s requirements regarding both the safety features as well as style. Safety boots are subject to EN344 and EN345 safety standards regarding general requirements and specifications for professional use. 

• One of the common features which you will find in all safety boots is the reinforced toe area which provides protection against falling objects and compression. Such reinforcement is usually made of steel (safety boots are often referred to as steel toe boots) but you can also find safety boots which use aluminium or thermoplastic materials for this purpose. The main benefit of using materials other than steel is their impact on safety boots weight which is reduced significantly. 
Safety boots made in compliance to European safety standards can withstand 200 joules impact and 15,000 newtons compression. To make sure that particular safety boots include reinforced toe cap look for safety boots standards codes SB, S1, S2 and S3 within product specification. 

• Another feature that can be found in most of safety boots is a mid-sole plate which protects feet from injuries that can be caused by accidental stepping on a sharp object for example steel nails, wires, etc. You can identify if the safety boots that you want purchase deliver such protection which is included in the safety standard codes: S3 or P. These symbols are often combined with other safety features codes that all quality manufacturers list within their products descriptions. 

• As some industries involve work in wet and humid conditions, water resistance can be one of the most important features in safety boots. Since water resistance is not a standard for all safety boots you should look for codes S2, S3 or WRU to make sure the safety boots that you are considering to buy are waterproof. 

• The range of safety boots on our site includes products from Caterpillar, Toe Guard, Dunlop and Solid Gear in a huge selection of styles and sizes. All the safety boots that we offer are shock resistant and are compliant with the European standard for Safety footwear: ISO 20345: 2004. 

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Steven, Cork  
Proforce Toesavers S1P Safety Chukka Boots Mid-Sole Size 8 Black
  "Good boots, very protective and safe."  
Proforce Toesavers S1P Safety Chukka Boots Mid-Sole Size 9 Black
  "These Proforce toesavers safety boots are good for me in my line of work, i needed them to be hard and resistant to many hazardous things and they were. very good."  
Keith, Dundalk  
Proforce Toesavers S1P Safety Chukka Boots Mid-Sole Size 10 Black
  "I do a good amount of outdoor, hazardous work and these Proforce safety boots are perfect for the work."  
Mick, Dublin  
Proforce Toesavers S1P Safety Chukka Boots Mid-Sole Size 7 Black
  "I do a lot of heavy lifting at work and these Proforce toesavers Boots ensure that my feet are protected against any accidents, should anything fall and land on my foot."