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Need to protect yourself at work wearing a safety hat? We offer a choice between the two main types of safety hats, the hard hat and the bump cap. The hard hat is constructed of rigid plastic moulded into a rigid shell that deflects and resists blows to the head. The hard hat acts as a shock absorber due to the built in suspension system that greatly reduces the impact of a falling brick or tool. The next type of safety hat offered is the bump cap; these are a more lightweight version of a hard hat which can be more comfortable to wear. They offer protection from low ceilings or protruding objects and are padded with protective cushioning. They are more suited to environments where hard hats are not required such as warehouses or factories.



Here's what our customers are saying...

JSP Hi Vis Yellow Hard Safety Cap A1 Plus Ventilated Adjustable 50mm Ref ABS000-001-500
Hard Safety Cap Is Light And Comfortable!!!
  "it was quite difficult to find a safety cap that would look like a standard cap but with the necessary safety features. this jsp cap turned out to be really good, it\'s light and comfortable to wear. it is also compliant with health and safety standards which is a must if you are getting a cap for professional purposes."  
 Carmine Gooding  
Proforce White Comfort Helmet HP01
  Very Comfortable Hard Hat!  
  "This is a very comfortable hard hat as well as having a high shock absorption. "  
Aaronn Ryan  
EnergizerJSP EVO2 Vented Safety Helmet with Slip Ratchet Band White
  Super Strong And Comfortable!  
  "Super strong shell tougher than any I've tried before.l Very comfortable to wear"  
BBrand Comfort Vented Safety Helmet Green Ref BBVSHG
  Good Protection!  
  "Not too expensive and i still feel safe wearing it. I am protected and thats what counts"  
Scott Safety Style 300 HC300SB Unvented Helmet with Polyethylene Standard Headgear Orange Ref HC300SBOR
  ScottSafety Is A Well Known Brand!  
  "Great safety hat .I dont go on site a lot but nw and then clients want to run through measurements. The Lads wont let me on site without one. This orange is perfect for me. ScottSafety is a well known brand"