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Looking to buy a safety mirror? Here at Huntoffice you will find safety mirrors manufactured by safety & security industry leading brand - Helix. We supply both indoor and outdoor safety mirrors which are suitable to use at car parks, warehouses, entrances, shops and any areas that require extra attention and visibility improvements. All the safety mirrors in our range come with all necessary mounting brackets and the outdoor models are equipped with a protection cap to secure good visibility during bad weather conditions.



Here's what our customers are saying...

Indoor Security Mirror Durable Polycarbonate Steel Mounting Plates
  Increased Visibility!  
  "I bought 2 of these security mirrors for our warehouse and I'm very happy with them. It's easy to mount them on the wall and they seem very tough. They really increase visibility so they reduce the risk of accidents which really puts my mind at ease"  
Charlie Coates  
Helix Internal Security Mirror 60cm Pack of 1 PW1040
   Great Product Saved Me A Fortune !  
  ""I put this up in a Warehouse and we spotted someone stealing USB sticks and Hard-Drives. Great product save me a fortune Also its great for people taking shortcuts and driving forklifts. Great delivery service. ""  
Blind Spot Mirror With Hood 600mm Diameter
  Life Saver  
  "This mirror is amazing.... we have 3 of these onsite and they have saved us many a minor accident with machinery... Safety is so so important"  
Helix Internal Security Mirror 60cm Pack of 1 PW1040
  Great Help To Our Drivers !  
  "This safety mirror is a life saver. With viewing distance of up to 8 meters it is of great help to our drivers in the warehouse we have one  on almost every long aisle"  
Quarter Hemispherical Mirror Dia 1000mm 10-15 Viewing Distance
  Just Wow!!  
  "Fantastic Mirrors. installed in tricky cornere is our Pharmacy. We have so many huigh value goods that we cant keep our eye on all of them all of the time . installing 2 of these they have already paid for themselves. Just Wow"  
Helix Internal Security Mirror 60cm Pack of 1 PW1040
  Security Mirrors Are Really Helpful!  
  "We are using helix indoor security mirrors in our warehouse because is designed to help increase visibility and safety around blind corners or in areas with restricted sight. Security mirrors are really helpful and I can be sure that our workers are safe. Also really low price! Thanks"