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Safety signs within a company should be treated as a long-term investment which can prevent you from losing money on claims and compensation fees that could come from future accidents. The use of safety signs is also regulated by EU and Irish law and rules oblige employers to provide safety signs in any workplace where other methods cannot deal satisfactorily with the risks. Safety signs are not a substitute for other methods of controlling a risk; they are to be used to supplement or reinforce other measures. It is worth to conduct a safety signs audit within premises to identify areas which should be equipped with proper safety signage. The safety signs available on are made from adhesive vinyl and PVC which guarantee easy mounting and long lasting performance. A lot of safety signs are available in various sizes to meet any requirements.


Most popular safety signs types

• Fire Safety Signs – these include signs which indicate location of fire equipment and fire alarm buttons, signs that explain the uses of particular fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets, etc. Such safety signs are a great way of raising fire awareness among staff and provide essential information on how to react in case of a fire. • Fire Exit Signs – such safety signs give the directions to the nearest fire exit and also inform about doors and areas that should be kept clear as they are a part of emergency escape route. These safety signs can also inform about assembly points and provide directions to such. Prohibition Safety Signs – this type of safety signs includes different types of signs which inform about prohibited actions. This group of signs includes: no smoking, staff only, no parking, no entry, etc.


• Warning Signs – their main purpose is to warn of the potential dangers that can occur within the work premises and to raise the need to be careful in places flagged with such safety signs. Some examples of caution signs are: caution hot surface, caution dangerous chemicals, caution slippery surface and many other useful caution messages signs. Like most of safety signs these ones improve the overall level of safety within any workplace.


• Industrial Safety Signs – these signs inform about actions that are required to be carried out in order to comply with legal and company regulations. Such safety signs usually have the word ‘must’ included in the message i.e. head protection must be worn; foot protection must be worn, etc. Industrial signs are commonly used in construction sites or large production facilities. Safety in construction sites is vital and can help save lives.


• Other types of safety signs that can be found on our site include toilet signs, security safety signs, hygiene safety signs, access control signs, first aid signs, recycling signs and other useful safety signs that are essential for any business premises. Tips when buying safety signs


• If you are buying safety signs for an area accessed by staff or by the public it is imperative that you check government regulations to ensure you buy the correct signs. It is advisable to consult an expert to ensure you are adhering to safety standards.


• Where the safety sign is located will determine the material used. For indoor signs there are various signs to choose including self-adhesive vinyl signs however for outdoor signs you will need a more robust weather proof material.


• Before buying safety signs do an audit of the entire building and plan out where you will need to locate the safety signs.