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Are you looking for a soap or tissue dispenser? In this section of Huntoffice you can find a great selection of such products. We supply commercial soap dispensers, towel dispensers, roll dispensers and sheet dispensers. All our dispensers are wall mounted to ensure longer durability and most of them have a clear way of showing the level of soap or towel left in it. We also provide a complete range of refills for all the dispensers we are selling. More about the Soap & Tissue Dispensers available:


Toilet roll dispensers are used in every public toilet to keep bathrooms neat and clean while also protecting rolls against dirt, damp and theft. Whatever the size of your bathroom here you will find a range of Toilet roll dispensers from the basic single jumbo roll to twin toilet roll dispensers.


Soap dispensers are also widely used in public bathrooms because they are a more convenient way to provide soap to multiple people without the risk of spreading harmful germs. The two most common types of dispensers are the button press and automatic sensor dispensers which are the most sanitary because they sense when your hand is underneath, meaning you don’t need to touch the dispenser at all. We have a selection of soap dispensers to choose from to ensure you, your colleagues and customers can wash your hands safely.


Hand towel dispensers are ideal for companies that want to provide the best possible level of hygiene in their bathrooms. These hand towels are only used once and thrown away, minimizing the risk of infection from germs and bacteria. Here at Huntoffice we supply hand towel dispensers in a range of sizes to suit the needs of any size of public bathroom. Hand towel dispensers, while very hygienic can sometimes produce a lot of waste. For companies that want to eliminate this we have the Hyco Hand Dryer which offers powerful, fast drying time. Hand dryers are ideal for businesses that have large amounts of people using their bathrooms on a daily basis. Brands of Soap & Tissue Dispensers available: Some of the brands we supply are Kimberley Clark, Lotus, 5 Star, Purrell, Gojo, Scott and Hyco.