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Welcome to the Huntoffice Scanners section. Scanners have been around for a long time and provide a fast and easy way to transfer photos or text onto a computer. Scanners work by using light sensitive sensors which scan, capture and convert scanned items into digital images. Scanners are ideal for backing up those documents and images you do not want to lose or even if you want to create a paperless environment in the office or at home. Use scanners to back up old photographs, birth certificates, archive newspaper and magazine articles etc.

Here on Huntoffice you will find we have a large selection of scanners to choose from in A4 and compact business card size. Business card scanners are ideal for keeping your contacts up to date and in one place, eliminating the need to buy extra storage for all the cards you accumulate. Some functions include, scan to PDF, auto document fix, dust and scratch removal, double side scan and many more. We have a scanner to suit every budget from basic up to the highest spec models. Leading brands you will find in this section include HP, Canon, Xerox, Brother, Epson, Kodak and Fujitsu.

What do you need to scan?

The majority of the scanners available here at Huntoffice will scan all kinds of images and documents but there are a few models designed for a specific purpose. By determining exactly what it is you will be mostly scanning and how often you will be doing so will narrow down your search and enable you to choose the perfect scanner for your needs.

Important features to look for:

  • Resolution – Scanner resolution is measured in dpi (dots per inch) or sometimes ppi (pixels per inch). The higher the resolution the sharper the image you scan. A resolution of 2400 x 4800 dots per inch will provide a good level of resolution for most images but if you want to scan slides, negatives or make copies of your scanned photographs a resolution of 4800 x 9600 dots per inch will provide you with the sharp image quality you need.
  • Bit Depth – This refers to the level of detail and colour that the scanner can process which means, the higher the bit depth the richer and deeper the colours, therefore improving scanned image quality. A scanner with 96-bit scanning for example will provide true to life, detailed colour accurate images which would be perfect for those that need to scan photos, slides, negatives and documents to an almost professional standard.
  • Speed – Scanners also vary in how many documents or images they can scan per minute. Choosing will depend on how much you need to scan and how often you need to scan. Here at Huntoffice we supply scanners with speeds varying from 3 pages per minute to an impressive 45 pages per minute. For professional scanning or if you need quick scanning on a regular basis it is recommended that you go for one of the higher page per minute scanners.