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Looking for products to manage your workspace such as a floor screen or a desk partition? The most convenient and quickest way to organize space within an office or business is with the use of products offered in this category. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive refurbishing as the screens and partitions allow creating individual cubicle workstations as well as separate workstations on desks that are standing beside or opposite each other. With over 200 products in this category we are confident that you will find the ideal screen or partition for your workplace.

• Desktop screens – also called desk partitions and are used in group desking arrangements to provide a certain level of privacy. Such solution is often used within limited office space as it only requires mounting the proper size screen on the sides of the desk using clamps. This system is very convenient as screens can be easily removed when need to rearrange the layout of desks. Desk screens are usually made of aluminium or plywood that is covered with fabric. There are a lot of accessories that can be mounted on the screen, saving the desk space. On-desk mounted partitions allow giving the user a bit of privacy and also make it easier to manage all the supplies that you always keep on your desk.

• Floor screens allow you to divide an open space in semi-enclosed areas or create box rooms for both permanent and temporary use. Using floor standing screens is the fastest option to effectively manage the available office space especially in open space rooms. Floor screens that you will find on our site come in a great variety of colours and size to meet any requirements. The choice of different shapes (rectangular, wave, curved) and dimensions allows you to create custom work cubicles which exactly suit your needs.