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Social Distancing Desk Dividers

Looking for office screens or office dividers to manage your workspace? The most convenient way to organise space within an office or business is with screens and partitions. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive refurbishing as these handy products allow the creation of individual cubicle workstations, as well as separate workstations on desks that are standing beside or opposite each other. With over 200 products in this category, we are confident that you will find the ideal screen or partition for your workplace.

Office Dividers and Partitions - Types of screens available

Office Desk Dividers

Also called desk partitions. These are used in group desking arrangements to provide a certain level of privacy. Often used within limited office space as it only requires mounting the proper size screen on the sides of the desk using clamps. This system is very convenient as the desktop screens can be easily removed when needed to rearrange the layout of desks.

Office Floor Screens

Office Floor screens allow you to divide an open space in semi-enclosed areas or create box rooms for both permanent and temporary use. Using floor standing screens is the fastest option to effectively manage your available office space. At HuntOffice we offer a variety of colours and sizes to meet any requirements. The choice of different shapes (rectangular, wave, curved) and dimensions allows you to create custom work cubicles to match your workspace.

Acoustic Partitions

Our acoustic partitions are excellent for sound absorption to minimise background noise and echo, creating your perfect quiet space. We offer acoustic walls, acoustic wall panels and acoustic ceiling solutions. We also stock a wide range of acoustic Meeting Pods which are brilliant for creating private meeting places in otherwise busy offices. 

Social Distancing Screens

We offer social distancing desk dividers, so you can return to work safely, from freestanding and desktop screens to protective shields and monitor screens. We offer clear perspex dividers, so you can see through the screen as well as opaque dividers. Our range of social distancing screens will allow you to socially distance and stay safe in the work environment.

Explore our range of office screens and partitions today to create your ideal workspace without breaking the bank!.

Here's what our customers are saying...

 1800mm Straight Office Desk Screen Blue with Silver Frame
  Delivery was Very Quick!  
  "Easy to install and provides privacy at each desk. looks exactly like in the picture and delivery was quick"  
 1800mm Straight Office Desk Screen Blue with Silver Frame
  Very Easy to Install!  
  "Same as image, very easy to install. All the staff are happy with the results"  
 1800mm Straight Office Desk Screen Blue with Silver Frame
  These Screens are Fantastic!  
  "These screens are a fantastic addition to any office. They have helped to create a personal space and define our working area!"  
Jamie Behan  
  Desk Mounted Screen W800 x H300mm Blue
  Very Good Quality!  
  "I have found this desk privacy screen to be a a well wearing product. I bought a few screens a number of years ago and they still look like they have just come out of the box."  
Anne, Dublin  
  Desk Mounted Screen W800 x H300mm Blue
  Great Product!  
  "Well I managed to install this desk mounted screen on my desk myself :) It was quite straight forward, no help needed. The screen seems solid and hopefully it will help me to keep my desk a bit more tidy..."  
Stefan Shire  
  Trexus 800 Desktop Screen with Easy-fit Clamps W800xH450mm Royal
  Very Happy With this Product!  
  "I wanted to review Huntoffice and this product because I am a happy customer. The Trexus 800 desktop screen with easy-fit clamps W800xH450mm Royal"  
 Trexus 800 Desktop Screen with Easy-fit Clamps W800xH450mm Royal
  Very Affordable!  
  "Very very useful. Happy I bought this, it makes the office environment much more private. I would recommend these trexus desktop screens to anyone who wants some extra privacy. Very affordable also!"  
 Trexus 1600mm x 300mm Rectangular Screen Blue with Easy-fit Clamps Ref 671121
  Very Good Value!  
  "Budget priced screens mounted on top of the desk Ideal for group desking arrangements that require some privacy very good value"  
Kelly O'Rourke  
 Trexus 1600mm x 300mm Rectangular Screen Blue with Easy-fit Clamps Ref 671121
  I Would Highly Recommend these to any Office who want to Ensure some Privacy for their Staff!  
  "I recently redecorated our team office, I purchased the Trexus 1600 Desktop Screens with Easy-fit Clamps W1600xH450mm in Royal Blue from Huntoffice. I am very pleased with them as they give some privacy to each member of staff without costing the earth. I would highly recommend these to any office who want to ensure some privacy for their staff."  
 Martin Lyons  
 Trexus Plus Flat Top Screen Desktop W1200xD52xH480mm Royal Blue 756872
   Easy to Use!  
  "Very good screen divider. Easy to use and we don't completely separated by these partitions."