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Here's what our customers are saying...

Markus (Sligo)   
Masterline Blown Hand Stretch Film 400mm X 200m X 35mu Extended Core Box 6
  Good Quality Shrink Wrap Packing Supply   
  "I ship parcels and small pallets all over the country and I have been using this film for 2 years. It has never let me down or broken. The 6 pack is better value but the price of all plastics seems to have gone up lately. Anyway, i can agree its a good product that does whats its supposed to."  
Packing Tape Polypropylene 48mm x 66m Buff 5 Star
  Brill Brown Packing Tape   
  "I bought this tape already from you before and I’m pleased with it. I use the tape to secure the load on my van, boxes, bags and other loose stuff. The tapes do the job fine. It is convenient to use and lasts for a long time. Sticks well and is cheaper than other brands I’ve used before."  
Miranda Andrews  
Mailing Cartons With Lid A4 305x215x50mm Brown Pack of 10
  Good Cardboard Mailing Boxes   
  "I was looking on line for box carton and I came across these on the Hunt Office Website, As they were great value for money for a pack of 10 I decided to order them. I was delighted with what I received the next day. They cartons are strong and durable and the items I wanted to send in them fitted easily inside. Thanks Hunt Office."  


COBA GR8 Primo Consealed Blade Safety Knife Black Handle - Prevents cut related accidents with pocket and finger-safe enclosed blade - Ideal for warehouse, distribution and retail stores
  Great Safety Blade!   
  "Very happy with it, the blade is sharp and also easy to replace and it cuts through virtually anything. I work with blades daily for opening boxes so I'd had some small nicks on my hands in the past from using traditional cutting knives, however since I started using this it's virtually impossible for it to slip and cut my hands! The handle is very comfortable too even when I'm using it over a long period of time."  
Jane Tierney  
Jiffy Bubble Wrap Dispenser Box Size 300mm x 50m
  Very happy with Jiffy!   
  "This Bubble wrap is so ideal and handy alone with a dispenser. With the dispenser on the box I will never waste anymore bubblewrap as there will be no more guess work involved in cutting the bubblewrap as this cuts it smoothly and straight . Use it for wrapping ornamental pieces I sell. Thanks Huntoffice."