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Need bags for your shredder? Shredder bags are very convenient when emptying your shredder with so many small particles of paper it's important to get the right sized shredder bag to prevent shredder particles from falling on your office floor. When shredding paper, a lot of static can build up in the paper, shredder bags are specifically designed to handle static paper.


Here's what our customers are saying...

about Rexel Recyclable Paper Bags For Mercury Shredder 27 Litre Pack 20
   Great Product.  
  "For the confidentiality and security of our customers documents/details and for our own security, we bought a Rexel Mercury Shredder. It suited our needs because we needed to shred sensitive documents. We also bought these Rexel Mercury Paper Bags for recycling the shredded waste. They are made specifically for this shredder. They come in packs of 20 and are very cheap. The bag when full holds 310 shredded sheets of paper and this equates to a 27 litre capacity so they do not have to be changed regularly. More money saved while helping the environment. Great Product."  
 Richard, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath   
about Rexel Recyclable Paper Bags For Mercury Shredder 23 Litre Pack 20 x 5
   Very handy.   
  "Very handy to have. When full, it's all fully recyclable and has a sealing strip to make it all easier. "  
 Master Shredder   
about Fellowes Universal Shredder Oil 350ml Bottle
    Must have!  
  "A must have have if you use a shredder - doesn't matter if it's small home one or large office shredder. I damaged a shredder once as it was not lubricated often enough and the cutting heads were dry as a Sahara dessert. I wouldn't advise using veg oil but a proper shredder oil like this one from fellowes. Shredder oil isn't as sticky as regular oil so it doesn't attract paper particles what might sometimes cause malfunctions."  
 Amy (Dublin)   
about Fellowes Universal Shredder Oil 350ml Bottle
 Good quality.   
  "Good quality shredder oil. We use it on our 2 Fellowes shredders and it seems to do the job very well."  
 Chris Healy   
about Fellowes Universal Shredder Oil 350ml Bottle
 Working like a dream.  
  "I have a fellowes shredder the cutting blades started to slow down, I was ordering a new shredder and a friend mentioned I should use the shredder oil. I used my bottle of shredder oil last week and my shredder is working like a dream again. I don't understand why shredders don't come with a bottle of shredder oil in the first place, I probably should have read the manual, I didn't know anything about using shredder oil."  
 Paudie Magner   
about Fellowes Universal Shredder Oil 350ml Bottle
 Good quality.   
  "This fellowes shredder oil is a must if you want to extend the life of your paper shredder. We have lots of shredders scattered around the office and the ones that are regularly treated with fellowes shredder oil not only perform better but also have far less paper jams and require less servicing. Good quality. "  
 Roy Mc   
about Fellowes Universal Shredder Oil 350ml Bottle
 Would highly recommend it.   
  "This is more like a universal shredder oil used it for both my cross cut shredder and confetti cur shredder and did the job for both of them. I suppose the fact that it's made by Fellowes only reassures about the quality of this shredder oil. Would highly recommend it. "  
about Fellowes Universal Shredder Oil 350ml Bottle
  I would recommend!   
  "We have a fellowes shredder and until recently we did not know that you needed shredder oil for it. It was not cutting great, so we took out the instruction manual to see if it had to be fixed. And there it was, fellowes shredder oil. We went online and checked out the huntoffice website. And there it was agian. So, we ordered a bottle of it. Its like a new shredder. I would recommend that anyone who has a fellowes shredder, order this fellowes shredder oil and give your shredder an good dose of it."  
 Tim, Castleisland.   
about Fellowes Universal Shredder Oil 350ml Bottle
 Very cheap   
  "We have a fellowes shredder and we buy this fellowes shredder oil to keep it in top condition. It is very cheap and best of all it is made for our fellowes shredder. This fellowes shredder oil comes in a 350ml squeeze bottle and it also has a nozzle tip for accurate application of the oil. I would not use any other oil on the shredder only this fellowes shredder oil."  
 Patricia Ryan (Munster)   
about Fellowes Shredder Bags 23-28 Litre Pack 100
 Solid and robust shredder bags.   
  "We have a couple of shredders at work and these fellowes shredder bags are great as they fit for all of them. I don't know exactly how many models are these fellowes 36052 bags compatible with but it must be quite a few. Solid and robust shredder bags."