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Smoking shelters are an ideal way to keep smoking confined to one area and at the same time protecting staff from harsh weather conditions. At we have a wide range of smoking huts to choose from. We can offer stand alone shelters as well as wall mounted shelters. Often space can be a premium so we have a range of canopies to choose from. At we have smoking shelters suitable for 1 to 2 people up to shelters suitable for 6 to 8 people. We have free standing shelters with perspex side panels that provides protection from wind and rain. We also have UV resistant panels to protect from UV rays. All our smoking shelters are manufactured to the high standard with high quality steel frames that can endure years of harsh weather conditions. To accompany your smoking shelter we also have a range of ashtray bins for safe disposal of cigarette ends. Our smoking shelters have often been used to store bins or bikes to protect from wind or as a bus waiting shelter. 


Here's what our customers are saying...

Smoking Shelter 3000mm Width with Polycarbonate Glass
  Highly Satisfied Customer!  
  "Absolutely over the moon with this smoking shelter. It was delivered and installed quickly which is all included in the price. It's a great size, includes seating too. Comfortably fits 8 to 10 people and it's very sturdy and completely weather proof with the strong frame and toughened glass. I'm sure it would benefit most workplaces to invest in one of these shelters. Highly satisfied customer"  
Large Wall Mounted Smoking & Bike Shelter Light Grey Steel Frame
  Good Quality Product!   
  "Bought this shelter to go over the bike rack outside my office and now we can finally use the rack! It definitely does the job and was exactly what I was looking for. People can smoke underneath it too but it is mainly just used to cover the bike rack."  
 Domed Outdoor Smoking Shelter
   Very Good Quality Smoking Shelter!
"Very good quality smoking shelter, the side panels are so handy for wind protection and rain protection especially when the wind is blowing. Having a dedicated smoking shelter has definitely helped with containing cigarette littering outside our building."