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Snickers Craftsmen Jackets


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Here's what our customers are saying...

Snickers 3214 Craftsmen Holster Pocket Trousers Canvas+ Size 44 30"/32 White
  Great White Craftsmen Holster pockets Pants  
  "These snickers 3214 craftsman are perfect for me as Im a painter. Comfort fit durable and wash and dry well. Couldnt be happier "  
Danny C.  
Snickers Canvas+ Trousers With Holster Pocket Navy Waist 38" Inside leg 32"
  Glad I Spent The Money On These Snickers Pants  
  "When you are around a warehouse all day without much time for sitting down, you really want something that won't be uncomfortable or restricting. I choose these Snickers pants which were a bit more money than I used to spend but I'm glad I did!"  
Snickers Canvas+ Trousers Black Waist 36" Inside leg 35"
  Fits Perfectly  
"Snickers trousers are an everyday essential for me with my work so I have several pairs and I must say these are definitely my favourite. They fit perfectly and are very comfortable, the canvas material is quite light weight so it doesn't get in the way but extremely durable and strong at the same time and they have so many hidden pockets and compartments for anything I need throughout my working day. They also look very professional and the black fabric doesn't stain easily either. 5 stars"
Snickers 3211 Craftsmen Holster Pocket Trousers CoolTwill Navy Size 52
  Going Back To Buy The Full Wardrobe!!  
  "I'm a Carpenter and I've been using cheap knock-off work pants for ages, it wasn't until a colleague suggested Snickers that I actually decided to buy some. I am now fully converted. I've never been so comfortable while working before. These Snickers craftsman pants fit everywhere they're supposed to while not feeling tight or restraining. I'm going to be back to buy the full wardrobe soon!"
l, I can tell how strong the material is and I definitely believe I'll get at least a few years out of mine!"
Cody Sabb  
Snickers Canvas+ Trousers Brown Waist 38" Inside leg 37"
  Great Trousers!  
"Great trousers, well made they don't feel cheap and even though a bit too long they fit me ok."
Cyril Gavaghan  
Snickers 3213 Craftsmen 36"/30" Holster Pocket Trousers Rip-Stop Black Size 100
  Excellent Snickers Work Pants For This Price  
  "These snickers 3213 craftsman are very suitable for hard work on the building site or if you're a professional in many other industries. Excellent durable material that is very safe for your legs and is also very safe for the pants as they won't get destroyed. Excellent product for this price."