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County Stationery C5 10 Manilla Board Envelopes Pack of 10 C524

County Stationery C5 10 Manilla Board Envelopes Pack of 10 C524

RRP: €69.96
€30.90 ex vat
€38.01 inc vat
County Stationery C4 10 Manilla Board Envelopes Pack of 10 C525

County Stationery C4 10 Manilla Board Envelopes Pack of 10 C525

RRP: €122.05
€36.90 ex vat
€45.39 inc vat

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Looking for board envelopes? Here at Huntoffice we offer a great selection of board envelopes in a wide range of sizes. Board envelopes are made with extra strong cardboard and have a printed instruction that says ‘please do not bend’ to make sure that they are transported properly. Board envelopes are the best option when looking for extra protection against bending or breaking when posting important documents, calendars, brochures, photographs, magazines, reports, certificates, CDs and DVDs etc. The board envelopes we supply are available in the colours brown, white or orange and with or without a window. They come in packs as small as 10 right up to large bulk packs of 500, making them suitable for the home or small office right up to large corporations. 

We have a choice of board envelope seal types which include: 

• Peel & seal – With these the flap of the envelope has a strip of glue which is protected with a strip of plastic. Remove the plastic strip from the flap and press against the body of the envelope to seal. Peel & seal is the most common way of sealing board envelopes as it is extremely quick and easy to remove the plastic strip without needing to bend the board envelope in any way. Peel & seal envelopes are ideal if you like to buy in bulk because with the plastic strip protecting the glue, even after months of being kept in storage, the glue won’t dry out. 
• Press seal – Press seal board envelopes are also very common and similar to peel & seal envelopes, the difference being both the envelope and the flap have strips of adhesive. These are pressed together to form a strong bond. 
• Resealable or dual seal envelopes are ideal for internal mail use particularly, because the envelope can be opened and re-closed many times allowing you to add or remove documents from the envelope if needed. 
• Tuck in flap board envelopes are also suitable for internal mail as they can be opened and closed over and over. As well as being completely reusable, the tuck in flap ensures the contents won’t fall out. 



Here's what our customers are saying...

Richard, Donegal   
C4 Hard Backed Envelopes Peel and Seal Manilla Pack 125 5 Star
  Excellent Board Protection   
  "We started up a photography business over four years ago and are still going. We buy these C4 envelopes since we opened for posting photographs to our customers. We buy all the various sizes so I choose this board backed envelope with peel and seal closure pack to review because they are all excellent quality, excellent price and because they are board backed, we know that the photographs will be safe in the post. Great value and great service too."  
5 Star Office Orange C4 Internal Mail Envelopes Pocket Resealable 120gsm (Pack 250)
  Very Pleased   
  "These 5 star C4 Internal mail envelopes are paramount for our highly confidential HR department. We use them on an almost daily basis for personal reports and documents. These Internal mail envelopes are made from 115gsm manilla material. The re-sealable closure keeps contents secure which is critical in our department. They come in a pack of 250 making them great value also. Delivery is so fast from this website."  
Patrick from Donegal  
Q-Connect Board-Back Envelopes C4 115gsm Manilla Peel and Seal (Pack of 10)
  Good Product  
  "These envelopes are proper ones and has a board back. It is a strong durable manilla with a self seal flap. It is also printed on the front not to bend, and is also a good size C4 324mm * 229mm (12.75*9)."  


Christian King  
Purely Packaging Manilla Envelopes Board Backed Peel and Seal 267x216mm (Pack 125)
  Blake Envelopes   
  "Blake envelopes have incomparable quality. Do not bend / board back envelopes have the added level of protection I would require but I feel even better about sending important things knowing that the envelopes are made to Blake standard. These board backed envelopes are great and I would highly recommend!"  


Jane Clifford in Dublin  
Plus Fabric C4 Envelopes White Board Backed Peel and Seal (Pack of 125)
  White 'Please do not bend' Envelopes   
  "Yeah finally found white please do not bend board backed envelopes. Very happy with these envelopes I was looking for white one everywhere before I found them on this site."