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Steel Filing Cabinets

Welcome to the webstore for Steel Filing Cabinets.

Why should I purchase a steel filing cabinet from

• The Huntoffice webstore carries over 85 types of steel filing cabinets so you are sure to find a suitable steel filing cabinet for your home or office.

• We offer free delivery on the vast majority of our steel filing cabinets  (**free delivery applies to orders over our a set minimum free delivery threshold value)

• Ordering a steel filing cabinet through the website is 100% safe and secure as we have the latest data encryption software integrated into our online checkout cart. This software scrambles your credit card details so your banking details remain secure at all times.

• We offer a standard one year Huntoffice guarantee with all of our steel filing cabinets so if for whatever reason, a fault occurs with the filing cabinet, we are happy to fix or replace the entire unit.

• On a selected number of steel filing cabinets, we have marked an extended manufacturers warrant which can extend to 15 years for date of purchase.

Here in the Steel Filing Cabinet webstore, you will find cabinets from leading steel storage brands such as Bisley, Pierre Henry, Trexus and Sonix. Colours available include Grey, Black, Silver, Blue, Silver & Black, Brown & Cream, White, Grey & Blue, Silver & Grey, Red, Grey & Red

When choosing a steel filing cabinet you need to take a number of factors into consideration.

  • Number of Drawers: Depending on the space you have available and the amount of items you wish to store, deciding on the number of drawers you require will be of the utmost importance when you are about to purchase a steel filing cabinet. In the Huntoffice webstore, you will find steel filing cabinets with 1 Drawers, 2 Drawers, 3 Drawers,  4 Drawers, 5 Drawers, 6 Drawers, 9 Drawers, 10 Drawers, 12 3 Drawers, 15 Drawers.
  • Budget – Having a set sum of money allocated to the purchase of a steel filing cabinet will quickly eliminate a whole host of cabinet options. Typically, the more drawers the cabinet has, the more the steel filing cabinet will cost.
  • Depending on the type of files you will be placing in the cabinet, you may choose from Foolscap Steel Filing Cabinets or A4 Steel Filing Cabinet. If you require a steel filing cabinet for storing smaller ad hoc items, we also have a number of Tray cabinets available.
  • Space Available – Like any other furniture purchase, you must first determine the size of the space you have available before making your decision. On the Huntoffice website, all steel filing cabinets and furniture items are measured in Width x Depth x Height (W x D x H)


Here's what our customers are saying...

 4 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet Flush Front Brown & Cream Bisley BS4E
  Great Quality and Very Reasonable!   
  "Great quality original Bisley steel filing cabinet it is. Takes a4 and foolscap files and has a 15 year guarantee. I have bought a few cheaper brands before but none of them measure up to the quality of the Bisley filing cabinets"  
Paul O'Connor  
 4 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet Flush Front Brown & Cream Bisley BS4E
  Excellent Service as Always From Huntoffice!    
  "I am delighted with my new Bisley Premium 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet in Brown and Cream from Huntoffice. The quality is excellent and the delivery was next day. Excellent service as always from Huntoffice. Thanks"  
William O'Leary  
4 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet Flush Front Brown & Cream Bisley BS4E
   The 15 Year Guarantee Gives me Extra Confidence in the Product!  
  "I recently invested in the Bisley Premium 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet Brown and Cream BS4E from Huntoffice to organise all my home finances. The 15 year guarantee gives me extra confidence in the product and the free suspension files, really got me started on my organisation."  
J O'Gill  
 4 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet Flush Front Brown & Cream Bisley BS4E
  I am Delighted with this Piece of Furniture!  
  "I wanted a filing cablinet that would not cost the earth but would look good and I recently purchased the Bisley Premium 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet in Brown and Cream from Huntoffice. I am delighted with this piece of furniture, the free suspension files were an added bonus. Next day delivery. Excellent"  
Deirdre Dore  
 4 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet Flush Front Brown & Cream Bisley BS4E
  Very Reasonable and Arrived on Time!  
  "I was searching online for a second hand Bisley filing cabinet, and found huntoffice have brand new ones just as cheap. purchased and great service, must say."  
  4 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet Flush Front Brown & Cream Bisley BS4E
   Very Impressive Pricing on Huntoffice Website!  
  "I work in a busy accounts department; our filling room is full with filing cabinets. Our recent additions were 4 of these Bisley 4 drawer filing cabinets in brown and cream. They are of very high quality. Suitable for foolscap filing and there is 100% drawer extension so total access to the contents of the filing cabinet. The heavy-duty roller ball bearing slides are guaranteed for 15 years which just goes to show how well made they are. We have bolted together the 4 we got but there is an Anti-tilt mechanism for safety. Two keys came with the cabinet, unlike previous purchases where we got just one key, this has proved a disaster. We will most definitely purchase these again in the future for our filing room. Very impressive pricing from this website for sure."  
Andrew Quinn  
 4 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet Flush Front Brown & Cream Bisley BS4E
  The Product is Very Sturdy!  
  "My office was beginning to look like a bit of a tip. I decided to organize it a bit so I purchased this one. What attracted me was the 15 year guarantee to the ball bearing. I never had trouble with cabinets before but I'm still glad to get a guarantee as it shows the product is sturdy."  
Will Hayes  
 4 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet Flush Front Brown & Cream Bisley BS4E
  Very good value and quality!  
  "Very good value and quality four drawer filing cabinet here by bisley. I have bought cheaper ones before by trexus, go steel, triumph etc. but I need a premium quality filing cabinet for my legal files. These files tend to be very heavy and they need strong drawers and a good sturdy filing cabinet with a good lock. The bisley brand is the best one in my opinion. The cabinet fits into my storage room perfectly also and comes with two keys and an anti-tilt locking mechanism so it won"  
Rozana, Limerick  
Pierre Henry A4 1 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet Lockable Black
  It is Very Compact and Space Saving!  
  "Great product, superb quality, as it is with all Pierre Henry filing cabinets. My important documents are safe as the lock is strong and so is the construction of this filing cabinet. It is very compact and space saving."  
 Pierre Henry A4 1 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet Lockable Black
  Great Quality and Lovely Looking Filing Cabinet!  
  "I have just set up my small home office. See, I love the non-traditional interior design and when it comes to filing cabinets, as a rule, they are all designed to be dull and boring. There wasnt much to choose from colour wise when I was looking for 1 drawer filing cabinet. The best option I could find was this black one. And it looks fab with my minimalist black & white interior design. I wouldnt recommend black colour for busy environments, where much handling is involved - the finger prints on black are very visible - and you would think it would be other way around. It seems so obvious now, but at the time of purchasing that would have been the last disadvantage I would have listed. Other than that is a great quality and lovely looking filing cabinet - perfect for the premises where the space is an issue."