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Welcome to Huntoffice Steel Shelving section. We offer full standalone shelving units with different levels of shelf capacity (standard, medium duty and heavy duty), various length and width in a selection of colours. We also supply wall mountable shelving systems which are fully adjustable to meet any customer needs. One of the shelving systems we have in our range are wire shelving units – one of their biggest advantages is that shelves can hold up to 300kg each. If you are interested in creating a shelving system yourself we have all the necessary steel components and accessories to allow you build one. 


Here's what our customers are saying...

Oto, Limerick  
 Influx Storage Steel Shelving Unit Heavy-duty Boltless 3 Shelves Capacity 3x 150kg W950xD450xH940mm Black
  Very Robust and Strong Shelving Unit!  
  "Very robust and strong shelving unit with great weight capacity per shelf. We are storing archived files on it in our warehouse, so it is more than enough for us! Very cheap price, but good enough quality product!"  
Kevin, Dublin  
Influx Storage Steel Shelving Unit Heavy-duty Boltless 5 Shelves Capacity 5x 150kg W950xD450xH1880mm Black
  Very Durable and Strong one piece Storage Self Unit!   
  "Very durable and strong one piece storage self unit, has great capacity, even very heavy boxes can be stored. Its is very cheap here at Huntoffice and was delivered so fast - I cant believe it, usually you need to wait weeks to get furniture pieces delivered! "  
Rolando, Ireland  
 Influx Archive Steel Shelving Unit Heavy-duty Boltless 4 Shelves Capacity 4x 100kg W1320xD450xH1315mm Black - Heavy duty shelving unit for storage and archiving
  Great Value Shelving Unit!
"Great value shelving unit - very strong and the quality of it is good for this cheap price. Would recommend for anyone who need budget storage option. "
E. Larkin  
Bisley Shelving Starter Bay Metal Extra Depth 1018ESSTK40
  Good Shelving!
"Good shelving, I use it in my garage and it holds heavy metal tools and parts just fine. I think I might need another one soon because I have been putting more and more on this one knowing that it can take the weight."
brian m  
 Office Steel Shelving System Starter Bay Extra Depth 6 Shelves Activecoat W1000xD400xH1880mm Lion Steel
   I'm Really Happy I Bought Them!
"Really happy with this!! We have one in our office and one in the warehouse and they fit in perfect in both places!! This shelving system is so versatile. It can hold anything from files to large boxes of equipment as the shelves are quite deep and theres 6 of them, and its so easy to assemble! Once you set them up it becomes obvious how strong they are too, I'm really happy I bought them."
Walt, Limerick  
 Standard Duty Painted Orange Shelf Unit Blue W900xD300xH2000mm 378966
  Great Steel Shelves!
"We have these steel shelving units everywhere throughout the warehouse and there was never an accident of them breaking or being wobbly - superb quality and durability. So when we ran out of space, we surely ordered another one, I am just glad that they are still available to buy. The orange colour is very practical as the edges of the shelving unit is easily noticeable for the forklift drivers. Great steel shelves - would recommend!"
 Standard Duty Painted Orange Shelf Unit Blue W900xD600xH2000mm 378978
  Great Product!
"Use this shelving for storage in our warehouse and it stores packages and stock just fine. Great product."
 Martin D  
 Storage Solutions 2-Shelf Lever Arch File Unit Black ZZHT2BK098A10630
  Very High Quality Steel!
"I received this last week and I'm very happy with it, the shelving unit is made of very high quality steel and can be used to hold anything from lever arch files to tool boxes as it seems quite strong and capable of holding a lot of weight. The black finish looks good wherever you place it whether in the office or a warehouse and it promotes organisation which in turn helps productivity"
Julie, Dublin  
 Storage Solutions Boltless 5-Shelf Lever Arch File Unit Black STS834450
  Great Product!
"We have these in our archive room - fit lever arch files perfectly! And doesn't take up much space as the depth is only made to fit a lever arch file. Fits 10 full capacity lever arch files per shelf, well we use the large capacity ones, obviously it would fit more the small capacity ones. The steel construction is very strong, the weigh capacity per shelf is more than we need! One of the best lever arch files storage options i have ever seen, every archive room or office should get one."