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Welcome to Hunt Office Ireland - Elevate Your Storage Solutions with Durable Steel Cabinets!

Explore Versatile Steel Storage Solutions - Ideal for Offices, Warehouses, and Garages

Discover a comprehensive range of top-quality steel storage cabinets designed for offices, warehouses, and garages at Hunt Office Ireland. Our steel storage options come in various colors and sizes, accompanied by an extensive selection of additional steel shelves and accessories. We take pride in offering furniture crafted from premium steel, ensuring optimal durability and safety for your storage needs.

Why Choose Steel Cabinets? Unlocking the Benefits

Durability Beyond Compare: The Strength of Steel

Steel cabinets stand out for their unparalleled durability, providing a secure haven for your valuables. Ideal for warehouses and garages, these cabinets safeguard contents effectively, especially when storing heavy tools and equipment. Choose steel for a storage solution that withstands the test of time.

Ease of Maintenance: Cleanliness Redefined

In environments prone to dust and dirt, steel cabinets shine with their easy-to-clean surfaces. Perfect for garages, warehouses, or high-traffic areas, steel cabinets simplify maintenance and ensure a tidy storage space.

Low Maintenance Marvel: Varnish-Free Steel

Say goodbye to the hassle of varnishing or repainting. Steel cabinets require minimal maintenance, making them a perfect fit for restaurant kitchens or any setting where low-maintenance storage is essential.

Enhanced Protection: Safeguarding Sensitive Information

For offices storing sensitive or vital information, steel cabinets provide an extra layer of protection against fire hazards. Secure locking mechanisms ensure the safety of documents and expensive equipment, making steel cabinets an invaluable asset.

Unlocking Security: Features of Hunt Office Steel Cabinets

All steel cabinets at Hunt Office come equipped with secure locking mechanisms, offering peace of mind for safeguarding sensitive documents or valuable equipment. Whether used in home garages or office spaces, the lockable doors provide an additional layer of security, especially when there are children around. Our steel cabinets come in various sizes and styles, catering to different environments and purposes. Explore our range, including full-length steel cabinets suitable for use as wardrobes or as sturdy storage solutions for lever arch files and office stationery.

Benefits of Steel Shelving: Maximize Strength and Space Utilization

Strength Unleashed: Robust Steel Shelving

Steel shelving stands as a testament to strength, designed to support the heaviest weights. Experience the durability and reliability of steel shelving units, providing a secure foundation for your storage needs.

Space Maximization: Efficient Use of Valuable Space

Optimize your storage space with steel shelving units. The robust material allows you to store a larger volume of items without the fear of collapse. From wall-mounted to free-standing units, steel shelving is adaptable for a wide range of environments, from offices to industrial settings.

Elevate your storage solutions with Hunt Office Ireland - Your Trusted Partner for Steel Storage Cabinets, Metal Cabinets, and Durable Steel Cabinets!

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Steel Storage Cupboard 2 Doors/3 Shelves Black Trexus - W914xD400xH1806mm, 3 Shelves, Weight Tolerance 45kg Per Shelf, 5-Year Warranty, Fully Assembled & Welded Carcass (101210)
  Good Quality, Sturdy Steel Cupboard!  
  "Good quality, sturdy steel cupboard. It comes with 3 shelves but you can add more if needed. Depending on what your using this cupboard for i would recommend getting extra shelves to maximise the storage space. "  
Pat Bourke  
Bisley Shelf Clips for Bisley Cupboard Furniture Shelves 8589 Set 4
  I Found it Very Handy and Easy to Fit!   
  "I got this Bisley shelf clips for cupboard fittings and I found it very handy and easy to fit. Also very low price! thanks"  
Linda, Wicklow  
 Bisley Shelf Clips for Bisley Cupboard Furniture Shelves 8589 Set 4
   Very Good Quality!  
  "The warehouse boys asked me to buy these Bisley Shelf Clips for the cabinets they use. Pack of 4 and they were cheap Cupboard Fittings, they did come with the original cabinet but the boys just needed more of them. Easy purchase with"