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Rolls Of Adhesive Sticky Tape at The Henkel Store

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Sellotape Super Clear Tape 18mmx10m Pack of 50 1443330

Sellotape Super Clear Tape 18mmx10m Pack of 50 1443330

RRP: €97.24
€38.90 ex vat
€47.07 inc vat
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Sticky tape is typically a strip on a roll with an adhesive backing material. 

Sticky tape is one of those essential everyday items that is used in the office, school or at home. There are a large range of adhesive sticky tapes on the market designed for specific uses. Our product range includes clear tape, double sided tape, duct tape, poster strips and many more. Sticky tape is available in various different sizes such as 19mm, 25mm, 50mm + The main sticky tape brands would be Scotch, Sellotape, Unibond, 3M.... Check out also our tape dispensers to suit our range of adhesive tapes. 

Which roll of sticky tape do you need? 

• Clear tape – Clear tape is an essential item and is the most common type of sticky tape used. Clear tape is widely used every day in the home, school or office. Although having hundreds of uses clear sticky tape is mainly used for packaging and posting purposes. 

• Double sided tape has adhesive on both sides of the tape making it the ideal solution for attaching posters and flyers to the wall which gives them a more professional clean look as it effectively displays them without the tape showing. 

• Invisible tape gives a professional finished look to letters, gifts and packages as it is almost invisible when applied and can also be written on. 

• Marking & sealer tape – Marking tape can be used to mark and protect a variety of floor surfaces. In this section we have anti-slip tape which provides instant protection against slip hazards on site. Sealer tape can be used to seal polythene bags making it an essential item for any deli or retail premises. 

• Masking tape is mainly used to cover certain areas when painting. The masking tape can be removed easily and leaves no adhesive on the surface once removed within a certain length of time. 

• Duct tape is a strong, flexible, heavy duty tape which is also waterproof and has a long lasting adhesive. Duct tape is ideal for jobs that require an extra strong bond. 

• Poster strips have strips of adhesive on both sides and can be used for attaching posters, photos, postcards etc. to any surface. They are easy to remove from both the surface and the poster without leaving any marks. 


Here's what our customers are saying...

Donna R.  
 Easy Tear Clear Tape Rolls 19mm x 66m Pack 8 5 Star
  "Cheap basic clear tape which is 19mm wide. price of this pack of 8 made me buy as I don't think there is any point in spending more money on a branded sticky tape."  
Easy Tear Clear Tape Roll 25mm x 66m Pack of 6 5 Star
  Good quality  
  "A good quality cheap 25mm clear tape is how I would describe this product. The easy tear in the title is no lie - this clear tape tears easily - not requiring teeth or pulling hard and muddling up of the tape. We've all done it with sellotape - the tape gets stuck to itself so easily, well not here! Its also a pack of 6 as the previous buyer mentioned - I'd have no hesitation in paying "  
Lord vader  
Easy Tear Clear Tape Roll 25mm x 66m Pack of 6 5 Star
  "clear tape is a office must have and this easy tear tape from 5 star is perfect - cheap and durable. 6 pack lasts for months."  
Easy Tear Clear Tape Roll 25mm x 66m Pack of 6 5 Star
   Great value  
  "huntoffice Sellotape 25mm Easy Tear Clear Tape Pack 6 5 Star great value. strong quality"  
 Easy Tear Clear Tape Roll 25mm x 66m Pack of 6 5 Star
  "Loving the 5 star brand, where else would you get a pack of 6 quality easy tear sellotape for a price that would probably be double in a local shop. Started ordering some supplies for home after using the products at work. Brilliant value huntoffice"  
Elizabeth Shine  
 Easy Tear Clear Tape Roll 25mm x 66m Pack of 6 5 Star
  "This clear easy tear sticky tape is a roll of plastic coated with an adhesive. Sellotape is useful in the office, home or work. A must have for every stationery kit."  
Peter Shire  
 Easy Tear Clear Tape Roll 25mm x 66m Pack of 6 5 Star
  Good value  
  "Very good value and quality with this clear sticky tape! I first thought the price was for one tape but then I have noticed it's actually a price for 6 of them! The tape is fairly strong and the adhesive is good on it also. In terms of width I would call it "medium" - good for most of office jobs."  
 Large Clear Tape 50mm Easy Tear Pack 3 5 Star
  Great quality  
  "Great quality clear sticky tape without the price tag of the branded tape. This 5 Star Easy Tear tape is 50mmx66m and comes in a pack of 3. Very competitive price and having used almost one roll of it already I can advise that the quality is not compromised as you might expect from such a cheap price. Delivery was so speedy."  
Clear Roll Sticky Tapes 12mm x 33mm Pack 12 5 Star
  "I was purchasing well know branded clear stick tape for so long, which is so much more expensive. We had to make some cut back adjustments in the department and I admit when I received my delivery of this 28 micron easy tear film 5 star Clear Tape 33m x 12mm Pack 12, I was expecting it to be of poor quality due to the cheap price. I could not have been more wrong. The quality is equal to that of the more expensive brands at a substantially cheaper price. When I think of all the times I purchased the expensive branded tapes - sickened!! Well lesson learned, no going back now. Great product at a great price. Thank you hunt office."  
Daniel Clifdon  
 Clear Roll Sticky Tapes 12mm x 33mm Pack 12 5 Star
  "Not overly impresses with the quality of this 5 star 33mm x 12m clear tape. very keen price and delivery by huntoffice really good."