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Here's what our customers are saying...

Mark D.  
Barton Storage Container Bin 50L 30kg Load White and Assorted Lids Pack 4
  Good, Solid Storage Bins!  
  "I got these storage boxes for storing some of my toys in the garage :) They are quite handy to use, especially that they provide easy access to the contents even when you stack few of them on top of each other. When i stacked 4 of the boxes that come in the pack, they weren't that far away to reach my height. 30 kg load is sufficient for me and all the parts and tools i keep in them. Good, solid storage boxes."  
Toby Spalding  
TC2 Container Bin Heavy Duty Polypropylene W165xD100xH75mm Blue Pack 20
   Just Perfect!  
  "I am the relatively new maintenance manager for a busy electrical contractor. When I began work these were the first items I purchased. I bought these barton storage containers because they are heavy duty and last for years. I had to re-organise the stores area and we segregated all the stock into these barton storage containers. Now, when we are looking for smaller items we know exactly where to go. The have a space on the front for an index so each box is numbered and we put a list of the contents on our network so that when the electricians are looking for any item, they know before re-ordering if we already have some in the store."  
Barton Storage Container Bin 50L 30kg Load White and Assorted Lids Pack 4
  Excellent Quality Bins  
  "This Barton container bins are excellent quality and it will hold up to 30kg. I am using this storage containers in my garage, as i am mechanic and keeping the place tidy is very important to me. It is very good price for pack of 4, so now i can keep all little detail in safe storage and i always know where to find it. thanks for such a good service."  
Ryan Richards  
TC3 Container Bin Heavy Duty 4.6L W240xD150xH132mm Blue Pack 10
  Buying These Storage Containers For Years!!  
  "A really great item I bought is this heavy duty TC3 container bin from Barton Storage. I have buying these containers for years now and they are ideal for storing all the bits and bobs in the workshop."  
TC4 Container Bin Heavy Duty Polypropylene W350xD205xH132mm Blue Pack 10
  Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bin!  
  "These save space and are excellent quality. Barton Storage TC4 Container Bin Heavy Duty"  
Large Storage Bin Complete With Opening Lid Sold Singly Choice Of Four Colours Blue
  Stacking Storage Containers  
  "Ideal for recycling at our school kitchen, but in fairness they could be used to store almost anything. they also stack tightly when not being used!"  
TC2 Container Bin Heavy Duty Polypropylene W165xD100xH75mm Blue Pack 20
  Ideal Plastic Storge Container!  
  "These are ideal for our factory and we bought 20 of them form huntoffice. Barton Storage TC2 Container Bin Heavy Duty"  
Containers Plastic Standard Box Ext:Lxwxh 400X300X129mm
  Strong And Durable Bins  
  "Strong and durable. Well hinged and solid clasps - Very happy"  
Caroline K  
Attached Lid Container 54 Litre Yellow 375817
  Brilliant Containers Attached Lids are Excellent!  
  "Brilliant containers. The yellow is nice and bright on the box too. Fits a lot more than you would think in the box!"