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Plastic Storage Boxes

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If this is your first time visiting our online webstore, you will be delighted to hear we stock a huge selection of office and domestic products such as the versatile plastic storage box. All of our products are heavily discounted and can be dispatched within 1 – 2 working days (excludes bulky furniture items and special orders)

Our headquarters are located in County Limerick but we also have Huntoffice warehouses in Dublin. is fully Irish owned and due to its on-going online success, Hunts have doubled its work force in recent years.

Looking to purchase plastic storage boxes online? If so, you have come to the right .ie website.

Here at, we have an extensive range of plastic storage boxes to choose from. Our storage boxes are manufactured by brand leaders such as Strata, Really Useful, Trexus, 5 Star, Barton and Addis.  When purchasing plastic storage boxes, it is important to note that the size of the box will relate directly to the litre capacity. The more litres the box will hold, the bigger the plastic storage box will be. Plastic storage box sizes include 5-20L, 21-40L, 41-60L and 61L +. Plastic storage boxes can also be purchased with or without wheels.

Plastic storage boxes provide users with a cheap storage solution which is guaranteed to last for many years. These boxes are ideal for both domestic and office use as they come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. For the home, plastic storage boxes can be used to store children’s toys, books, Dvds, CDs, clothes, food items etc. In the office, plastic storage boxes can be used for storing and archiving files, documents, office stationery, etc.

When choosing a suitable type of storage box, plastic storage boxes have a number of advantages over wooden or metal boxes. Firstly, plastic storage boxes are lighter and can cost significantly less than the alternatives. Their lighter design makes them easier to transport from one room to another, even when full. The majority of plastic storage boxes are also stackable so provide a great storage option when you are limited by the amount of space available in a room. Secondly, plastic storage boxes can also be kept in attics, basements and garages without the fear that the box will get damaged by damp and dirt. When placed in damp conditions, metal boxes can be susceptible to rust, while wooden boxes may begin to rot after a period of time. Typically, there is little or no maintenance of the box when you choose plastic storage boxes over wooden or metal alternatives.