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HuntOffice - Supporting Local

When you buy from, you are buying from a 100% Irish owned business. We have been in business since 1999 and have a track record of providing exceptional customer service and value. As a small business starting out in 1999 it was a challenge taking on some of the larger multinationals who came from a mail-order and catalogue sales background. Our strategy shifted to the emerging online World in 2006 and we haven’t looked back. is now Ireland’s most popular online platform for office products and a diverse range of categories in technology & consumer electronics, facilities supplies, office furniture and much more. With over 150,000 products on offer, we cater to the needs of organisations of all sizes throughout Ireland.



Our people are at the forefront of everything we do. We are proud to employ over 70 people directly and hundreds more indirectly, either within the supply chain or as sub-contractors for the many office fitout projects we undertake each year on behalf of our customers.

Aside from the general management function within the business we employ and train our teams in the latest digital technologies to support content and product management as well as multi-channel customer engagement. We employ everything from fitters and drivers to project managers and software engineers. It is a really exciting and progressive business behind the scenes. We are particularly proud of the fact that we have several team members who have been with the business for more than 20 years and continue to do what they do with the same passion and drive 


As well as our investment in people, we continue to invest in our infrastructure and facilities. Our Head Office in Limerick houses the majority of our administration and support team. We have also recently made major investments in our Dublin and Cork locations to provide state-of-the-art showroom facilities for our growing office interiors and furniture business. Business continuity has been at the forefront of our strategy and the impact of the pandemic was a great example of how our cloud based infrastructure enabled us to continue to support our customers with little to no degradation in quality of service. 


The technology engine behind has evolved over many years and is unique to the business on many levels. We have spent years investing in and refining our digital strategy to provide a fully automated process. We are integrated with our supply chain partners and work tirelessly to remove friction from the order fulfilment cycle. We are always refining our processes and will continue to evolve our technology stack to deliver an improved customer experience across all channels including desktop and mobile.


Over 45,000 Irish businesses and organisations such as schools & colleges, charities and government agencies, Trust every day with their requirements. Our customers vary from small home-based businesses to large multi-nationals employing thousands of people across lots of locations. The fact that our customers keep coming back is a great source of pride for our team. We work to earn this Trust and we never take it for granted. 

Buy Irish

We encourage you to support our efforts to maintain our market position as an Irish owned business. We continue to grow our footprint in Ireland with three dedicated locations. We also maintain partnerships with all of the major wholesalers in Ireland. We also support local distribution and fulfilment businesses. When you buy from us you are supporting dozens of other Irish companies in the supply chain. Many of our competitors are foreign owned entities who are not as invested in the local economy.

Many use central distribution centres outside Ireland and provide customer support from offshore call centres. All of the foreign owned entities repatriate their profits to the parent companies in the USA (Amazon) or France (Lyreco, Viking).