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Welcome to the Huntoffice Surface Cleaners category. Here you can choose from a variety of popular cleaning products: multipurpose cleaners, glass and window cleaners, floor and furniture cleaners. We provide a premium range of products as well as budget level cleaning detergents. Choosing a surface cleaner is very important as it can significantly cut down on the amount of elbow grease needed. It is important to get the right surface cleaner for each particular job. If you need to clean out an oven then a multipurpose cleaner will be much less effective than an oven cleaner. Always try out different surface cleaners so you can compare the results. Our range includes products in standard 750ml bottles as well as large 5L containers which are perfect for the office and workplace. More about the Surface Cleaners available:


• Multipurpose Cleaners: Multi-purpose cleaners save time and money by allowing one product to clean most of your home. Most all-purpose cleaners will work on multiple surfaces from the kitchen and bathroom to the office. The multipurpose cleaners available here will help you tackle the toughest cleaning jobs lifting dirt and grease leaving your surfaces sparkling.


• Floor Surface Cleaners: Our range of Floor Cleaners are specifically designed to clean any kind of floor from carpet, ceramic tiles, granite, marble and wood to large manufacturing environment floors. • Kitchen Surface Cleaners: It is extremely important to prevent the spread of germs in the kitchen to make it a safe place to prepare and eat food. Anywhere in the kitchen that is often touched with hands, such as the fridge door handle, cupboard handles, taps and doorknobs needs to be regularly cleaned and disinfected to stop the spread of germs. In the kitchen surface cleaners section you will find products to suit every surface in the kitchen.


• Glass & Window Cleaners: Remove dust, fingerprints and smudges from your windows, mirrors and glass around the home and office with the glass and window cleaning products in this section. These products are specifically designed to give you a streak free shine on all your windows and glass.


• Furniture Polish: Furniture polishes are used to clean, protect and shine wooden furniture. Because wood is a natural material, over time it can become dried out or cracked. The furniture polish sprays available here on can help protect your furniture. Brands of Surface Cleaners available: We supply many of the top surface cleaning brands such as Flash, Maxima, Cif, Ecoforce, Carefree, Johnson, Mr Muscle, Dettol, Mr Sheen and Pledge.



Here's what our customers are saying...

Harley Ashton  
Toilet Duck Gel Discs Marine Fragrance Pack 6
  Would clean every bathroom!   
  "Excellent for bathrooms and toilets leaves a lovely freshing smell. Pack of 6 is nice too. "  
2Work Furniture Polish Trigger 750ml 2W04171
  Satisfied Customer!
  "I love this furniture polish, I regularly use it! It's great value and works better than any other polish I've used. It leaves no streaks even on glass surfaces :) very satisfied with it"  
Pamila Mally  
2Work Multi-Surface Trigger Spray 750ml Bottle Provides A Fresh Clean & Fragrant Aroma. Spray & Wipe With A Dry Or Damp Cloth For Best Results. Ideal For Use In Schools, Colleges, Offices, Homes & More.
  Fresh Scent  
  "This multi surface cleaner is very large so therefore long lasting. It has a very light scent but very pleasant. Very nice product. "  
C Ryan  
CPD Spring Cleaning Kit Multipurpose Area Cleaning KMAXSCK
  Very usefull !  
  "This amazing CPD spring cleaning kit is suitable for small offices. In big offices they use carts but in a small office there is no need for a big cart. This nice handy cleaning caddy is amazing for any office use. Nice value for money."