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Suspended clip-in, lay-in & hang-on tile and grid ceilings are used in most commercial buildings for concealing the unsightly nature of building’s infrastructure like piping, wiring or ductwork, but leaving them accessible for all future maintenance and upgrading works.

Huntoffice Interiors offers a complete range of suspended ceiling systems to suit a variety of requirements:

• Clip-in tiles with concealed or exposed grid;
• Lay-in tiles with concealed or exposed grid;
• Hook-on tiles with concealed or exposed grid

When choosing the right type of suspended ceiling system there are various aspects and requirements that need to be considered, such as challenging cleaning regimes (in hospitals & commercial kitchens), acoustic features (call centres, airports, etc.), easy unrestricted access to the ceiling void (in the areas requiring regular maintenance), etc.

Features and benefits of ceiling panels:

• Acoustics Control – noise absorption;
• Light Reflectance – increased brightness and illumination;
• Air Purifying;
• Moisture Absorption Control, mold resistance

All types of drop ceilings are available in a wide range of materials (metal, plasterboard, etc.) colours and designs that include radial, vaulted and waveform design options. Our bespoke ceiling systems will meet all architectural consistency needs, designer and client requirements, aspirations and imagination.

Huntoffice Interiors install all types of grid & tile suspended ceilings to various types of businesses, such as offices, retail premises, factories, warehouses, schools, hospitals, commercial kitchens, etc.