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Manhattan Charging Cabinet/Cart via USB-C x32 Devices, Trolley, Power Delivery 18W per port (576W total), Suitable for iPads/other tablets/chromebooks up to 15.6 Inches, Bays 380x30x280mm, Device charging cables not included, Lockable (PIN code), EU & UK

Manhattan Charging Cabinet/Cart via USB-C x32 Devices, …

RRP: €2,222.55
€1,135.33 ex vat
€1,396.46 inc vat
Manhattan Charging Cabinet/Cart via AC Adapter (UK) x32 Devices, Trolley, Using supplied AC Adapter (power cables) included with device, Suitable for iPads/other tablets/phones/laptops (up to 15.6 Inches), Bays 380x30x280mm, Lockable, UK 3-pin Plug

Manhattan Charging Cabinet/Cart via AC Adapter (UK) x32 …

RRP: €1,520.69
€939.58 ex vat
€1,155.68 inc vat
Ergotron YESMOR36 Freestanding Black, Silver

Ergotron YESMOR36 Freestanding Black, Silver

€1,568.05 ex vat
€1,928.70 inc vat

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Welcome to our collection of Charging Trolleys designed to keep tablets and laptops powered up and ready to use in schools, offices, and other educational environments. Our range of iPad Charging Trolleys for Schools and Laptop Charging Trolleys provides a convenient solution for storing, charging, and securing multiple devices simultaneously.

Explore Our Charging Trolley Selection

  • Discover our selection of high-quality charging trolleys designed specifically for schools, offering secure storage and efficient charging for iPads, laptops, and other electronic devices.
  • Choose from a variety of configurations, including trolleys with adjustable shelves, lockable compartments, and built-in power management systems to suit your unique needs.
  • Ensure your devices are always charged and ready for use with our range of reliable charging solutions, including Laptop Cabinets and Charging Trolleys equipped with integrated power outlets and cable management systems.

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  • Maximize efficiency and productivity in your school or workplace with our range of innovative charging trolleys designed to streamline device management and maintenance.
  • Keep your devices organized and secure with our durable and versatile charging trolleys, featuring robust construction and advanced security features such as lockable doors and tamper-resistant locks.
  • Invest in a reliable charging solution for your educational institution or office environment and ensure your devices are always powered up and ready for use when you need them most.

ipad and laptop charging trolley for schools

Explore our collection of iPad charging trolleys for schools, laptop charging trolleys, and laptop cabinets to find the perfect solution for your charging and storage needs. Order now for fast delivery and enjoy hassle-free device management.