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Welcome to the telephone store. Whether you are looking for a basic telephone for home use or professional business phone to create a telephone system within your business – we provide them all. With dozens of models available on our site we are sure to deliver exactly the phone that you need. Below you will find a brief description of products that are available with Telephone section.

• Phones - we sell professional office phones that come with many additional features such as phonebook, caller ID, headsets connection and compatibility with most popular phone systems. Our assortment also includes conference phones which are often used in boardrooms, meeting or conference rooms allowing simultaneous clear conversation with multiple users. We also stock digital answering machines, cordless phones and two way radios suitable for private and professional purposes.

• Telephone Headsets – for any work place which requires answering multiple calls a day and for users who spend a lot of time on the phone this is the perfect solution as it allows you to lead a phone conversation while being able to use computer and other equipment at the same time. We supply professional headsets that are used in call centres and companies with phone customer service and support. We also stock headsets that can be wirelessly connected to a mobile or smart phone delivering great sound quality and ability to perform other tasks during a phone call.

• Phone accessories – here we offer all the essential items helping you to use your phone in the most efficient and safe manner. Among accessories that we have here you will find: universal in car chargers and universal portable chargers which can be used with vast majority of mobile phones which are available on the market, protective phone cases, Bluetooth car speakerphones and other useful phone accessories.

We stock the best quality brands including Panasonic, BT, Platronics, Motorola, Doro and many more.