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Toilet Paper Roll Dispensers
Are you looking for Toilet Paper Roll Dispensers? In our online shop you can find great selection of Toilet Room Dispensers.  Toilet Roll Dispensers are used in all kinds of public bathrooms and commercial toilets make it more functional and practical from use to maintain.  Keep Bathrooms clean, hygienic and neat with Toilet Roll Dispensers. Toilet Roll Dispensers in perfect way protect Toilet Paper Tissue against dirt.  They are Wall mounted with a rod in the centre to set tissues on or to hold a toilet paper roll. Dispenser keeps the Toilet roll fully adjusted to wall with maximum hygiene.  Most of dispenser show of the clear level of tissues in Toilet Dispenser.  Choose from great variety from toilet dispenser and match all the white Toilets Rolls for even better results. Unique and high capacity design is suitable for large washrooms with lots of visitors.
Turn Toilet Tissue Dispensers into a must have essential in the Commercial Toilet Rooms!


We Supply Great Range of:  
  • Single Sheet Toilet Paper Dispensers
    Our Single Sheet Toilet Paper Dispensers can be topped up when required eliminating roll waste, helping you save time and money
Single Sheet Toilet Paper Dispensers
  • Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers
    Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers provide practical and cost effective solutions for high volume bathrooms
Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers
  • SmartOne Toilet Paper Dispensers
    SmartOne Ideal for high traffic multiple washrooms, easy loading, less maintenance paper that is both hygienic, convenient, high autonomy and elegant design
SmartOne Toilet Paper Dispensers
  • Small Rolls Toilet Paper Dispensers
    Our Small Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers are available in single or multi-roll capacity, making them a great choice for your bathroom/toilet/washroom
Small Rolls Toilet Paper Dispensers


We supply from the cheapest to most advanced.
White Toilet Paper Rolls available to suit all your needs. Toilet paper comes in two main types:
Sleeves and Rolls

  • Sheets  contain from 200 to 520 sheets in every  sleeve, available in 2-ply
  • Core Rolls are the standards well know toilet tissue. They come in White Colour wide range starting from 190m to 320m
  • Coreless roll is designed to work with any toilet paper dispenser
  • Coreless toilet rolls come in One-Ply and also Two-Ply
  • Smart One Toilet Tissue


We offer Fantastic selection of the most common Brands as follows, all here at

Kimberly-Clark Andarta Tork Leonardo





Here's what our customers are saying...

Kimberly Clark Aquarius Jumbo Plastic Dispenser Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser White 6987
  Great Price  
  "These look really well in any bathroom. Easy to refill when empty. "  
5 Star Twin Toilet Roll Dispenser
  Cheap Product!  
  "Every time somebody used the bathroom at work new rolls of toilet paper were being opened. Apart from the waste it was creating, it was also very un-hygienic. The impression was that it was like toilet paper just magically appeared in the bathrooms. In order to try and change this mindset, we bought this twin toilet roll dispenser made by 5 star and put them in all the cubicles. We have seen a big drop, pardon the expression, in the amount of toilet paper we now purchase. These toilet roll dispensers were really cheap too and we found that we did not have to be re-stocking the bathrooms as frequently."  
Nicholas Driver  
2Work Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Plastic Dispenser White DS924E
  Beautiful and robust!  
"We used to use small rolls of toilet paper with small dispensers but getting larger rolls for public toilets just worked out to be better value. Of course, we had to get a few larger dispensers for the toilet roll. These ones worked out to be the perfect size and we have saved more than 100 euro a year at least on getting the larger rolls!"