Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl is the perfect choice for any type of work environments. Vinyl flooring offers maximum durability with minimum maintenance. Vinyl floor is strong, hypoallergenic, slip resistant, heat conductive and very easy to clean.
Vinyl floor systems are ideal for high traffic areas. This type of flooring works great in offices, healthcare, leisure sectors and is also perfect for educational and retail environments. With vinyl floor you can separate different zones with different colours.
Hunt Office Interiors offers an executive range of colours, thicknesses and slip resistance levels in linoleum and vinyl. Our wide range of dark and bright colours, realistic timber and stone effects of vinyl flooring give many design combinations.
At Hunt Office Interiors we offer stylish and personalise projects with individual company logo and many more.
Call us today for further details on our range of vinyl floor for canteens, waiting areas, reception area, factory floor, warehouses and etc.
The Hunt Office Interiors Team help to find the best solution to your needs.