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Professional Protection with Laboratory Coats

Ensure a professional and protected environment with our collection of lab coats. Our laboratory coats are designed to provide the necessary coverage and durability required in various work settings. Explore our range for reliable options that prioritize both safety and style.

Discover the Classic Laboratory Coat

Explore the classic laboratory coat in our selection of lab coats. Known for its timeless design and functionality, the classic laboratory coat is an essential garment for professionals in science, healthcare, and other industries. Find the perfect balance of comfort and professionalism with our classic lab coats.

Lab Coats Ireland - Quality Apparel for Your Workplace

Source quality lab coats in Ireland for your workplace needs. Our lab coats are crafted to meet industry standards, providing reliable protection and comfort. Browse through our Lab Coats Ireland collection to find the ideal apparel for your professional environment.

We supply visitors coats to help avoid cross contaimnation from visitors and those touring the working environment. These cost effective solutions are made of very light material.. Ensuring protection for vistors and product. vivsitors coats are also splash resistant and have more comfortable knitted cuffs.
Visitors coats and lab coats are often worn to protect the worker  from accidental exposure to potentially harmful agents. As a general principle, it is important that lab coats worn for this purpose not be removed from or worn outside the laboratory. This will minimize exposure of other workers to harmful agents. Both visitors coats and lab coats are available in White Vistor/Lab Coats and Navy Visitor/Lab Coats

Visitors coats and Lab coats are available here on  our website.
They are often used where contamination is a routine. Visitors coats and Lab coats are and provide adequate protection required for tasks. All from Visitors coats and Lab coats we supply in sizes M, L, XL. And twro main Barands Portwest and Kimtech.


White Visitor Coats

Navy Visitors Coats

White Visitors/Lab Coats

Navy Visitors Lab Coats