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Looking for washing powder online? You will find them here at Huntoffice Washing powder section. We offer concentrated washing liquids and fabric softeners in 5 litre containers. We provide a selection of washing powders and washing tablets. The washing powder & conditioner offered on our site are being sold in bulk packaging and they all come from the best quality brands like Persil, Comfort and Ariel.



Here's what our customers are saying...

harriet .cork  
Comfort Professional Concentrated Fabric Softener 140 Washes 5L 7508522
  Cheaper than my local shop!   
  "cheaper than my local shop ,very pleased"  
carmel -Mayo  
Bold Crystal Rain Biological Washing Powder 5.85kg 90 Washes 8001090396716
  Happy Customer!  
  "The Crystal Rain Washing Powder is very good price for 6.8Kg, i am very happy with it and its in perfect condition when i received it"  
Comfort Professional Concentrated Fabric Softener 140 Washes 5L 7508522

  Cheap & Good!   
  "Great way of saving money - i run my own business and this 5 litre comfort softener is just pulled into my costs. Buy smart claim vat save money lads. And you wash your kids clothes together with your workwear ;D"  
Comfort Professional Concentrated Fabric Softener 140 Washes 5L 7508522
  Superb Value!   
  "I have always and ever used comfort fabric softener on my clothes and I do not intend to change any time soon. When ever I see these big drums of comfort i always buy them, but in this size, they are a bit expensive. I saw this 5 litre drum on the hunt office website. I could not believe the price of it. It was so cheap. It is one of the old reliable products that has always maintained its quality and I can say now; I will never be short of my comfort fabric softener again."  
Owen W  
Comfort Professional Original Liquid Fabric Softener 5 Litre 200 Washes each (2 Pack) 7508496
  clean and soft clothes!   
  "This is a great size, it's more economical than buying a lot of smaller sizes of the same product. I didn't have to carry it home from the shops which is always a bonus. It does what it says on the pack, it has a very pleasant fragrance. The price here at huntoffice is very reasonable and I will definitely return to buy again. Thanks"  
Kevin cork  
Lenor Spring Awakening 5 Litre 5413149190955
  Best Fabric Conditioner  
  "Awakening!! really caught my eye and i do need this product alot and it arrived very quick"