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Are you looking to buy washing up liquid online? Here at Huntoffice Washing Up Liquids section you can choose from a variety of different sizes - standard 500ml bottles which are ideal for any place that has a moderate level of washing up to do on daily basis. We also supply large 5L containers which are the best option for professional or home use. Our brands include: Fairy, Ecover, Ecoforce and the economy brand 5 Star.



Here's what our customers are saying...

Linda Cronin  
Fairy Liquid for Washing Up Original 5 Litre Pack 1
  Quick Delivery!   
  "Brilliant value from huntoffice on this 5 litre drum of fairy liquid. It does what it says on the tin, cleans all types of items, crockery, cutlery, glasses. thanks huntoffice for supplying great product next day."  
Fairy Liquid for Washing Up Original 5 Litre Pack 1
  Great Value !  
  "why buy big packagings of cleaning and washing supplies? because they always work out cheaper than the smaller boxes or bottles. fairy original is my favorite washing up liquid so i get a 5 litres tub every few months and just pour it into a 500ml bottle. i even share it with my sister as this canister lasts for ages."  
Roy The Cook  
Evans Kind General Purpose Washing Up Liquid 5 Litre 2 Pack

  Cheap & Good!   
  "I run a busy deli shop and this washing up liquid was the best discovery ever! Very concentrated, this 5 L bottle last us a very long time, so the price has a great value and helps us save. Would recommend to everyone thats looking for great value and good quality washing up liquid."  
Susie Madd  
White Box Washing Up Liquid 550ml Pack 2
  Superb Value!   
  "This we find this huntoffice washing up liquid as good as any leading brands, pack 2 superb value for affordable and effective washing up liquid "