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Wooden Filing Cabinets at The Avior Executive Office Furniture Store

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4-Drawer Wooden Filing Cabinet Ash Avior

4-Drawer Wooden Filing Cabinet Ash Avior

RRP: €1,130.49
€569.50 ex vat
€689.10 inc vat
Wooden 2-Drawer Side Filer Cherry Avior

Wooden 2-Drawer Side Filer Cherry Avior

RRP: €1,257.69
€629.50 ex vat
€761.70 inc vat
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Wooden filing cabinets provide the same great functionality as metal filing cabinets but their design and materials used to finish them are more suitable for home offices or interiors that are supplied with wooden furniture such as receptions, executive rooms, etc. Here at huntoffice you will find a great variety of colours and sizes; we supply 2, 3 and four drawer wooden filing cabinets. All of our wooden filing cabinets are suitable for foolscap files. In this section you will find a wide variety of Wooden Filing Cabinets from quality well-known brands such as Sonix, Trexus, Avior, Cappela, Adroit, Medici and Bisley. 

Why choose a Wooden Filing Cabinet? 

• With wooden filing cabinets there are a wide range of styles and finishes available to enable you to choose a cabinet that perfectly matches your home or office interior. Some of these include, cherry, oak, maple, beech, champagne, calvados, white, natural and walnut. Many wooden filing cabinets have contemporary designs or elegant curves making the wooden cabinet a stand out piece of furniture instead of an eye sore. 

• Wooden filing cabinets give a professional look and like other wooden furniture add a warmth and comfort to any office which can be difficult to achieve with steel filing cabinets. 

• Not only do wooden filing cabinets look beautiful, they are also extremely durable and long lasting. They can last many years with proper care. 

Tips for choosing a Wooden Filing Cabinet 

• First and foremost you should determine exactly what you need to store in the filing cabinet. Many of the wooden filing cabinets available here on Huntoffice can take up to foolscap sized suspension files so whether you want to store files, office stationery or both, most of our wooden filing cabinets will be suitable for any offices storage needs. You should also take into consideration the volume of files and stationery you will be storing and also keep in mind the additional storage space needed in future. This will save you money in the long run by eliminating the need to purchase another filing cabinet further down the line. We supply wooden filing cabinets with a choice of 2, 3 and 4 drawers. 

• Take into account the dimensions of the filing cabinet and where you intend on keeping it. Many are compact in size and designed to fit snugly underneath or alongside a desk which makes them ideal for small offices with limited space. One of the many side filer cabinets offer low level storage and make an excellent addition to any office. We also have a large selection of tall free standing wooden filing cabinets which have an anti-tilt mechanism to prevent it from toppling over when drawers are opened. 

• If you need to store confidential files such as employee or customer records a wooden filing cabinet with lockable drawers is essential, especially if the cabinet will be kept in an area others have access to. Most of the wooden filing cabinets we supply are fully lockable. 

• Once you’ve decided on all of this, you will have no shortage in choices of styles and finishes to compliment the rest of your home or office décor.


Here's what our customers are saying...

Jemma Parker  
 Jemini 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet Beech KF71955
   Holds a Reasonable Amount of Files and can be Locked!  
  "A sleek little addition to my office. Holds a reasonable amount of files and can be locked. So, if you're like me and work from home and have kids running around, they won't be able to get into your files. Like they love to do! Great price and saving on this filer too!"  
Laura Jones  
  Jemini 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet Oak KF71956
   Would Definitely Recommend!  
  "Its says in the description that each drawer has the capability to hold 25kg.... I'd completely agree! I used the top drawer to store my paper for printing, and it showed no signs of wear and tear, it opened as easy as when it had nothing in it! The second drawer I actually used for filling. Would definitely recommend."  
Joe Reid  
Jemini 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet Maple KF71957
   It Arrived a lot Quicker than Stated!  
  "Very attractive and easy to assemble filing cabinet. It arrived a lot quicker than stated by a lot of other companies, also a lot cheaper which was definitely a plus! Looking forward to ordering from you again!"  
 Wooden 2-Drawer Side Filer Cherry Avior
  Would Highly Recommend Purchasing the Cherry Colour!  
  "A new managers office was fitted out with this range of furniture and it is top class and looks the business. The cherry colour and finish is quality. The Avior 2-Drawer Side Filer in Cherry is highly recomended."  
John O Grady  
 Wooden 2-Drawer Side Filer Ash Avior
  An Excellent Quality and Style Furniture that Would Look Great in any Office Environment!  
  "An excellent quality and style furniture that would look great in any office environment. The Avior 2-Drawer Side Filer Natural finish is really value for money."  
  Wooden Desk High Side Filer Beech Arista KF72416
  Very Good Quality!  
  "This wooden side filer is great space saving solution. the drawers are very strong, takes full capacity of fully filed suspension files. The price I found to be a bit high, but the quality speaks for itself, very good product, I'm happy with it!"  
 Kito 4-Drawer Wooden Filing Cabinet in Beech Height 1320mm
  Exactly What I was Looking for at an Affordable Price!  
  "I'd looked around for a while for a beech wooden filing cabinet like this as I found the traditional grey metal look a bit too dull for my home office. Most places I looked either didn't have what I was looking for or the price was ridiculous, but then I found this and its perfect!! Exactly what I was looking for at an affordable price, the beech looks beautiful in my office and the cabinet itself is very sturdy and efficient and the 4 drawers hold all of my important paperwork, foolscap files and stationery with ease. Absolutely chuffed, thank you!"  
Tamara, Limerick  
 Kito 4-Drawer Wooden Filing Cabinet in Beech Height 1320mm
  Very good value and quality!  
  "This is very good value wooden filing cabinet, great price for 4 drawer one and the quality is spot on, looks very durable!"  
Anthony L  
Kito 4-Drawer Wooden Filing Cabinet in Maple Height 1320mm
  It Looks Very Professional and is also Very Easy to Assemble!  
  "Got this filing cabinet last week and I'm definitely satisfied, it looks very professional and is also very easy to assemble. Drawers are a good size too, definitely meets all my office storage needs !"  
Zuzia, Dublin  
 Kito 4-Drawer Wooden Filing Cabinet in Maple Height 1320mm
  Great Quality and Lovely Looking Filing Cabinet!  
  "It seems like when it comes to finding wooden filing cabinet, the world is full of beech ones, but not a hope to find the maple one! I regret my decision to furnish my office with maple colour finish desks and storage as it is very difficult to find matching furniture units. I don't like the look of steel filing cabinets either, so finally after months of searching I came across this lovely maple 4-drawer cabinet that is just perfect for me! Thanks Huntoffice!"