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Work Overalls & One Piece Trousers

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At Hunt Office Ireland we provide a wide range of work overalls and one piece trousers. Whether you require protective wear, hi vis jackets or are simply looking for uniformity within your staff, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our work overalls today and find the ideal one for your work environment and requirements.

Types of overalls available:

  • Overalls - our range of overalls includes chemical resistant, waterproof, disposable and fire resistant overalls in a variety of colours.
  • Snickers overall trousers - with no sleeves, these overalls offer multiple pockets making them ideal for craftsmen.
  • Snickers hi vis overalls - for any role that requires you to be seen, browse our hi vis overalls available in yellow or orange in a diverse range of sizes..
  • Here's what our customers are saying...

    Kleenguard A40 Particle Resistant Overalls Anti Static Film Laminate Fabric Work Coveralls L
      "We recently had to put a gowning procedure in place for visitors entering our cleanroom. We make medical devices for customers who in turn incorporate our product into a bigger set for issue direct to hospitals. All our operators have to wear protective clothing, not to protect them but to protect the product. But we were just concerned about visitors to our plant. We bought several of these particle resistant anti static overalls in large just to see if they would be suitable for use. They have really convinced us. They are manufactured to a very high standard. The only downside is that they are expensive for something that has to be dumped after a single wear."  
    3M Basic Protective Overalls Lightweight Breathable Extra Large Work Coveralls
      "Anti asbestos protective coverall is Ideal for light duty maintenance and asbestos handling with professional lightweight design and breathable back panel at really low price only in huntoffice."