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Hands are vulnerable to a wide range of hazards including cuts, blows, chemical attack and temperature extremes. More than 25 percent of all workplace accidents involve hand and finger injuries, such as traumatic (cuts, fractures) contact injuries (burns, skin irritation) or injuries related to repetitive motion (blisters, numbness, pain).
Manufacturers produce a variety of industrial gloves that are designed to ensure employee safety and sanitary conditions in the work place. Composed of synthetic and natural materials, various industrial purpose gloves are chemical, heat, liquid, puncture or cut resistant. Some work gloves offer resistance to several hazards at once, but no glove will offer resistance to all. Selecting the correct hand protection begins with an analysis of the types of hazards present and the levels of protection required. Glove materials and types can vary in resistance to industrial hazards and toxic substances. Determining which type of glove to use generally depends on the occupation and what kind of hand injury hazards the occupation is related with. For example, chemical or heat resistant gloves have different features and finish than examination or cut resistant gloves.

Here in Huntoffice Work Gloves section we have a selection of the best hand protection products available from the best work wear protection brands such as Portwest, JCP, HPC and many more. We offer wide range of work gloves designed for a variety of industries, applications and hazards. We ensure that you can find a glove that's perfectly matched to your hand protection needs.


To find out your glove size, measure around your hand with a tape measure at the place indicated by the red line (just below the knuckles). You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.



These are the same as your measurement in inches. Round up or down to the nearest size.



Use the chart below to convert inches to letters. Round up or down to the nearest size.

size inch* cm* size inch* cm*
XS 7 18 XS 6 15
S 7 1/2 - 8 20 S 6 1/2 16 1/2
M 8 1/2 - 9 23 M 7 18
L 9 1/2 - 10 25 M/L 7 1/2 19
XL 10 1/2 - 11 28 L 8 20
XXL 11 1/2 - 12 30 XL 8 1/2 23


Hand protection selection can be very confusing due to the wide range of work glove styles available. Work Gloves are usually separated by their purpose or the protection type:


Handling Protection Gloves:
These gloves are designed to provide protection against cuts, scratches and punctures in addition to high grip properties for handling materials in light oil or dry applications. They also deliver varying levels of liquid resistance and a variety of special features, such as knuckle protection, reinforced fingertips, forearm protection, while offering high dexterity and comfort. Handling Protection work glove range provides the comfort and protection hands require to carry out a wide variety of work. Some Handling Protection Gloves are suitable for precision work - for applications that require protection from mechanical injuries, without compromising high dexterity. There is a selection of handling protection gloves suitable for heavy-duty work available. These gloves meet the need for long-term protection and feature a high degree of mechanical resistance. Handling Protection gloves are mostly used in the manufacturing or construction industries or repair centres, as they offer hand protection during lifting, cutting, or handling machinery.

Chemical Protection Gloves:
Many workers in a variety of sectors are faced with chemical hazards when handling aggressive chemical products, such as oils, acids, solvents, etc. Warning: Choosing a work glove that will provide the appropriate chemical protection for each application is a complex task that requires the consideration of a certain number of parameters, such as: the chemical family of the product handled, the contact time or the level of dexterity required. Chemical Protection Gloves are ideal for use in laboratories, automotive, aerospace and pharamceutical industry, environmental clean up or general chemical industries.

Cut Protection Gloves:
Cut-protection gloves provide excellent hand comfort and protection specially designed for various types of work involving cut hazards.
Cut protection gloves can differ depending on specific needs:
For precision work workers need gloves that act like a second skin, protecting against cuts but maintaining excellent dexterity. For heavy handling work, the gloves must protect against cuts and impacts but also need to be tough and durable.
Please Note: Using cut-protection gloves does not guarantee total protection (for instance, when using a motor-operated sharp object). Cut protection gloves are used by butchers, carpenters, mechanics, landscapers, woodworkers, etc.

Thermal Protection Gloves:
Thermal Protection Gloves, such as welders or oven gloves provide effective thermal insulation and protection to hands from various levels of heat and are ideal for manufacturing, automotive industries, bakeries, ceramic plants, general appliance industries, heating, metal stamping operations and operations requiring high heat and steam protection applications.

Here, at Huntoffice Work Gloves section you can find a wide range of contractors,mechanics, welders, chemical and heat protection, puncture and cut resistant safety gloves made of various materials such as cotton, nylon, latex, nitrile, vinyl, glass fibre with various special hand protection and fit features like elasticated cuff, forearm protection, high dexterity and many more. All available at great prices and can be delivered nationwide including Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick.


Here's what our customers are saying...

JSP Orange Gripper Work Gloves Size 10 Large 9"- 10" Pack 1 EN420
  "Got the gloves for outdoor work, some gardening and DIY, things like that. I am fairly satisfied with them. The cuffs do get a little frayed after a lot of use, but I think I use them a lot so it's understandable. And the fraying doesn't get in the way of using them either so its not that important, to me at least!"  
Shield Rubber Coat/Knit Gloves Orange Size 9 M/L-Men or XXL-Women GI/RC2
  "Very happy with these gloves, they're designed really well and the rubber coating on them is very strong ensuring your hands stay well protected no matter how tough the job you're doing is. They're very versatile and a great price, and I'm sure they'd suit anything from gardening to bricklaying."  
Polka Dot Size Medium Gloves Blue Pack of 12 Pairs
  "The graphic on this page really helped me to determine my glove size, otherwise I wouldn't have had a clue what size I was! These gloves are very heavy duty, and as a result are a bit more expensive. But, from past experience I knew portwest were a good brand so I didn't mind taking the chance on spending the extra money! I make electronics in a manufacturing facility and you have to be careful when assembling the products because the parts can be really delicate. Also some of the parts could damage your hands so it is really important to wear gloves to keep your hands and products safe."  
Conor Rahilly  
Knitted Grip Gloves Pack 1 High Grip PVC Lattice One Size
  "These CPD knitted Gloves are an excellent buy. They have a very high level of dexterity. Excellent price too for one"  
Portwest FlexLatex Gloves Polyester Cotton Orange L 9"-10" Pack 12 Ref A150LGE
  "I got this Portwest FlexLatex polyester cotton gloves (EN420 & EN388) and I am very happy with it's quality and price. I am using A150LGE gloves to almost any job, in the garden, on building site or in my workshop. Gloves are very comfortable and perfectly fits my hand. Pack of 12 great quality gloves at really low price! yes, I would recommend it to everybody! thanks huntoffice"