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Manhattan 434362 Mouse Pad Black Foam Gel

Manhattan 434362 Mouse Pad Black Foam Gel

€7.78 ex vat
€9.57 inc vat
Q-Connect Gel Mouse Mat Black

Q-Connect Gel Mouse Mat Black

€14.25 ex vat
€17.53 inc vat
Kensington Foam Mouse Pad Black 62384

Kensington Foam Mouse Pad Black 62384

€20.17 ex vat
€24.81 inc vat
Kensington ErgoSoft™ Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

Kensington ErgoSoft™ Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

€20.38 ex vat
€25.07 inc vat
Kensington Gel Wave Wrist Rest Black/Blue 62397

Kensington Gel Wave Wrist Rest Black/Blue 62397

€33.13 ex vat
€40.75 inc vat
CHERRY AC 3.3 wrist rest Aluminium Black

CHERRY AC 3.3 wrist rest Aluminium Black

€23.77 ex vat
€29.24 inc vat
Kensington Foam Mouse Pad Blue 64271

Kensington Foam Mouse Pad Blue 64271

€15.84 ex vat
€19.48 inc vat
Kensington Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest Black 62383

Kensington Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest Black 62383

€17.21 ex vat
€21.17 inc vat
Kensington Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest Blue 64270

Kensington Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest Blue 64270

€15.00 ex vat
€18.45 inc vat
Crystal Gel Mouse Pad/Wrist Rest Blue

Crystal Gel Mouse Pad/Wrist Rest Blue

€33.78 ex vat
€41.55 inc vat
Keyboard Wrist Rest Gel Filled Grey CCS55333

Keyboard Wrist Rest Gel Filled Grey CCS55333

€11.75 ex vat
€14.45 inc vat

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Welcome to the Wrist Rests section of Huntoffice. Using a computer for several hours every day can lead to chronic wrist pains and injuries. Wrist rests are the easiest way to minimize the risk of injury by promoting a more natural wrist position and improving the comfort of using a keyboard or mouse. Wrist rests give your wrists the necessary support to relieve excess pressure caused by prolonged periods on the computer. Anyone who spends hours each day at their computer such as office staff for example would benefit greatly from wrist rests. Here on Huntoffice you will find a large selection of wrist rests in a variety of colours and from leading brands such as Fellowes, Kensington, Compucessory and budget brand 5 Star.

Why use Wrist Rests?

  • Hands and wrists become tired after long periods of using a keyboard and mouse. Wrist rests are composed of a soft cushioned material which allows hands to be rested comfortably on them. Wrist rests elevate the hands to relieve stress on wrists and forearms, keeping the wrist posture neutral while helping minimize strain in the wrist, neck and shoulders. Pressure is taken off the arms and the shoulders to keep the shoulder muscles from getting tight which can cause neck aches and headaches.
  • Having a wrist rest at your desk at work or at home can get you into the habit of keeping your wrist at a neutral position while typing. Without a wrist rest, in most cases, wrists are rested on the table while typing which can cause muscle and tendon fatigue and wrist pain. By regularly using a wrist rest it will become second nature to keep your wrist at a neutral position, even without a wrist rest at your desk.

How to use a Wrist Rest properly

  • Although they’re called wrist rests, your wrist should never be directly rested on them. Wrist rests are designed for the palms of your hands. Palms should be rested on them to bear the weight of your arm. Wrist rests should also be at roughly the same height as your keyboard and should also be roughly the same length.
  • Wrist rests should not be used while typing. This is a common mistake many people make. Wrist rests are designed only as a rest and should be used between periods of typing. At the keyboard your wrists should be kept straight ideally with your hands and wrists in a straight line and with your hands floating over the keyboard while typing.  

Discover a range of ergonomic solutions to enhance your workspace comfort with our wrist rests collection at HuntOffice. Whether you're looking for a mouse pad with wrist support, keyboard wrist support, or a versatile wrist rest, our collection offers options to suit your preferences. Explore our wrist rests below.

Mouse Pads with Wrist Support

Improve your mousing experience with our mouse pads featuring built-in wrist support. Designed to provide comfort and reduce wrist strain, these mouse pads offer a soft and supportive surface for prolonged use. Explore our collection to find the perfect mouse pad with wrist support for your needs.

Keyboard Wrist Support

Enhance your typing comfort with our keyboard wrist support solutions. Whether you prefer a standalone wrist rest or an integrated solution, our collection includes options to promote proper wrist alignment and reduce fatigue during extended typing sessions. Explore our keyboard wrist support options below.

Versatile Wrist Rests

Explore our versatile wrist rests suitable for various work setups. From compact wrist rests for on-the-go comfort to gel-filled options for maximum support, our collection caters to different preferences and needs. Discover the perfect wrist rest to complement your workspace.

At HuntOffice, we understand the importance of a comfortable workspace. Our wrist rests are curated for quality and ergonomic design, ensuring that you can work or play comfortably for longer periods. Explore our collection and find the ideal wrist support for your setup!




Here's what our customers are saying...

about Mouse Mat Pad Wrist Rest Gel Transparent Blue
   Really good quality   
  "Really good quality Mouse mat with integral wrist rest. soft gel wrist rest is providing comfort for your hand and Non-skid backing prevents unwanted movement! really happy of my purchase!"  
 Keyboard Wrist Rest Gel Transparent Blue CCS23619
   Everyone should have one   
  "I have to spend a lot of time on my PC and because of this I purchased this keyboard wrist rest. I have to say that I do not know how I managed without it. It is really soft and provides great comfort on my wrists as I am typing. Anyone who spends a lot of time working at a PC will know what I am talking about. We talk about the chairs we sit on the the positioning of our monitors but rarely we talk about the keyboard. Well this keyboard wrist rest is the best thing that was ever purchased for me. It sits right up against the keyboard and has a nonslip backing so it does not budge. Everyone should have one."  
about Mouse Mat Ergonomic Non Slip with Gel Wrist Rest Blue CCS55151
   really good price!   
  "love my new Ergonomic Mouse Mat with Gel Wrist Rest at really good price! Much more comfortable the standard mouse mats."  
 Lisa Myles   
about Fellowes Gel Wrist Rest Blue 91177-72br />
 Very happy   
  "Very happy with my purchase, great product at a brilliant price. Really improves productivity as it cuts out one of the strains of office work that can be very distracting."  
about Fellowes Gel Wrist Rest Black 9112301br />
 very good quality   
  "I never realised how much a wrist support improves the use of a computer mouse until I got one. I would operate the mouse for most of my 8 hour work day and having my wrist directly on the top of the desk caused my hand to ache after only couple of hours of work. This wrist rest is made from a soft feel gel , very good quality"  
 Gary Friedel  
about Mouse Mat Ergonomic Non-slip with Gel Wrist Rest Grey Charcoalbr />
 highly recommend   
  "My wrist can sometimes get a little sore from been in front of a computer for hours on end. I found this mouse mat to be easy to adjust to my wrist size and to soothe the tight feeling in my wrist. highly recommend!!  
 Tara Sarsfield   
about Kensington Foam Mouse Pad Black 62384br 
 multicoloured mousepad   
  "I needed a mouse pad, but I knew I wanted one with a wrist rest. I liked this one, and I purchased the mouse pad. The Kensington mouse pad is good quality, does as it's supposed to do, and the wrist rest on the mouse pad does help my wrists when I am at the desk all day. It would be nice if it was a different colour though, but I couldn't find a multicoloured mousepad!"  
 Tomas Feeney   
about Kensington Blue/Smoke Duo Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Padbr />
   Very good product   
  "Kensington blue/smoke duo gel writ rest mouse pad is a very good product for anyone that works with computers. It's excellent in comfort and support and this product also has a non slip base, so while you use your mouse the pad won't move around the desk. Very good product if you are busy on the computers."  
about Fellowes Keyboard Wrist Rest Memory Foam Black 9178201
  "I recently suffered a spell of repetitive strain injury and to help purchased this Fellowes keyboard wrist rest memory foam, although it can't obviously cure the symptoms, it has made things more comfortable for me with typing on a daily basis at my job. It responds to wrists weight and warmth. I have it several months now and as of yet it never loses shape. The soft foam pillow conforms to your wrist for exceptional comfort It also improves hand position and is non-slip. I have had other brands in the past but this is by far the most comfortable for me. I had delivery the next day too."