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Zip Document Wallets are one of the most convenient types of filing products there are. Featuring a zip seal they offer peace of mind when it comes to security as your documents will not easily fall out. Zip document wallets can be flexible or rigid and sturdy, hard-wearing polypropylene acts as a rigid wallet assuring your important documents do not get crumpled. If you prefer a flexible zip wallet, then lightweight Polythene will do the job. Zip bags are incredibly versatile and can be used anywhere from the office to school, and can be used to store anything from important reports to homework while taking up little to no space in your schoolbag or filing cabinet. Here at HuntOffice you will find a zip wallet to suit your style and needs with ease.

Different Zip Document Wallet Sizes

Here at HuntOffice we offer a wide variety of sizes to choose from to ensure you pick the right sized wallet to hold your documents.

a4 zip wallets A4 size 324x229mm
Suitable for holding unfoldedA4 sheets of paper or A3 sheets folded once.

a5 zip wallets A5 size 229x162mm
Suitable for holding unfolded A5 sheets or A4 paper folded once

foolscap plastic wallets A3 size 297x420 mm
Suitable for holding A3 paper. This is the perfect size for large scale artwork or prints.

Different Colours

Here at HuntOffice we have a wide variety of colours to suit your style and need. If you like everything pink, we have the zip wallet for you. If you like a bit of variety in your filing, we have packs of assorted colour zip document wallets. Our extensive range of colours are sure to meet your needs.Our zip folders feature coloured zips which make colour coding your wallets so much easier while still keeping the translucent outer layer to make it easier to see what is inside.

colours zip wallets



Here at HuntOffice we have Zip Document wallets from all the leading brands including Snopake, INDX, Rexel, Rapesco and lots more. You'll be sure to get great quality with these well-known brands. We also have Q-Connect for the budget-conscious shopper who doesn't want to compromise on quality.

brands zip wallets

Here's what our customers are saying...

Marguerite Neilan  
 A4 Zip Pouch Blue Reinforced Mesh Weave PVC Clear Pack of 5 INDX
  "This INDX Zip Pouch is a lovely little product! I often cut out and photocopy letters/words so the students can take them home safely and securely and practice their spellings."  
Maria Hall  
 A5 Zip Pouch Yellow Reinforced Mesh Weave PVC Clear INDX Pack 5
  "Handy little a5 INDX zip pouch, I give the kids their lettering in them to take home and practice with. And they are available in assorted colours for color coding."  
A5 Zip Pouch Yellow Reinforced Mesh Weave PVC Clear INDX Pack 5
  "We have to display preventative maintenance sheets on all our equipment. Our maintenance department have consistently destroyed every plastic pocket we have put up. It was decided that we would try these Rexel Zip Pouches to see if they could defeat our maintenance department. Sure enough they did. We purchased 4 packs of 5 Yellow Reinforced Mesh Weave Clear Zip Pouches. 1 Zip Pouch was put on each machine that the maintenance guys work on. We have not had to replace one yet. We are now getting the Assorted Pack for other departments in the factory."