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Ziplocks Bags are one of the most useful items you can have in your home or office. Many people use these resealable bags for storing loose items in the office like rubber bands, staples. At home ziplock bags can be used for holding food items, hair accessories and more... Ziplock bags are so versatile and can have many uses throughout the home and office...



Here's what our customers are saying...

Minigrip Bag 125x190 Pack ofk1000 GL09
  Highly Recommend   
  "very happy with these minigrip bags! They can serve so many different purposes from packing lunch to storing things like paperclips and small items that are easily lost. The plastic is strong and doesn't tear easily and is completely clear so theres no need to label the bags. 5 stars."  
Owen Dean  
Ambassador Clear Minigrip Bags 255x355mm (1000 Pack)
  Great Product   
  "Bought these bags for organisation in my garage. I put different small tools and pieces in these bags and they are easy to label with a sharpie or permanent marker. The pack is large which is good if you have lots of small pieces to store in the minigrip bags."  
Ambassador Minigrip Bags 55x75mm (Pack of 1000) Ref GL-02
  Great Buy   
  "Good quality bags at good price, purchased on day and got delivered next day - very happy with the price, purchase, product quality and delivery."  


Michael Chalwke  
Michael Chalwke
  An Essential   
  "We are a watch repair shop and these Ambassador Grip Seal bags are perfect for storing loose mechanical bits that are brought into the shop. The resealable top is great as no parts can fall out and get lost. The polythene is not flimsy either which can be the case with other brands."  


Janet O'connor  
Ambassador Grip Seal Clear Minigrip Bags 150x230mm (1000 Pack)
  Great Quality Product   
  "For the line of work I am in I use these Ambassador grip seal bags on a daily basis. They are exceptionally strong & durable. Very good price for a pack of 1000 bags. Love the next day delivery from Hunt Office too!"