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Automated Shutters

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- Automated Shutters

Whether it's for commercial units or retail premises roller shutters are increasingly becoming one of the most popular options to give your business or property that extra level of security. We offer a wide choice and range of shutters, which ads security to any premises and can be integrate with your existing security system. We can ensure that our roller doors are of the high quality and some of the most durable doors on the market. The roller doors we fit are strong and simple in design yet reliable and secure.

Roller shutters are by far the most popular type of door. Installed on both commercial and industrial premises, they are adaptable to fit almost any application and offer high levels of security. Roller shutters are available with a range of locking options dependent on level of security required.

Shutters and doors may be painted according to your choice of shade. You can even have your business name or logo painted on the roller shutter or door, so that you logo or name shows when it is rolled down. This serves as a marketing bonus for your business, which works for you even during off-business hours. Shutters and doors protect your premises from damages caused by weather elements such as wind, sun, rain and snow. During storm weather, you can roll down your security door and shutter to keep your premises protected from anything that may beat against your door and windows. Steel shutters and doors are a perfect option if your office or store is generally make of glass, which is vulnerable to breakage and damage.

Roller shutters can be manufactured as manual chain operation or operated by electrical motor and control panel. Alternatively a fully automated system can be installed to meet your exact requirements.

Roller shutter doors
Roller shutter doors are a type of door that can be used in either residential or commercial installations. Most industrial roller doors or roller garage doors are designed for easy quick installation and low maintenance needs.

Roller Shutters
Roller shutters are flexible doors made up of a series of strips, depending on the door, it can be made up of aluminium or galvanised metals. However some roller shutters are also made up of shock resistant plastic. Typical usage for your standard roller shutter is they are placed over openings such as doors and windows, and the great thing about security shutters is that they provide protection against intruders.

Roller Doors
Roller Doors are a type of door that can be used either residential or commercial. Most industrial roller doors or roller garage doors are designed for easy quick installation and low maintenance needs. They are extremely strong and long lasting, and can withstand constant use without getting stuck unlike folding doors used in residential garages and storage units.

Industrial Roller Doors and Shutters
Commercial establishments are the usual targets of burglars and thieves. If you own a store or restaurant, you naturally want to ensure maximum security within your business premises. Roller doors and shutters provide the level of physical security needed to keep criminals at bay. These security features offer additional protection, covering glass doors, windows and walls during closing time. Apart from burglars and thieves, security doors and shutters also protect your office or store from weather elements.

Roller Door and Roller Shutter Maintenance
One great thing about most roller shutters and roller doors is they do not require much maintenance. This means that you do not need to oil or grease them to keep them from operating smoothly. Then too there are electrically operated security shutters and doors, which saves you time. However, manually operated roller doors and shutters are less expensive and may be more practical choice for small business.

Features of Shutters:
• High security - wall to wall protection for small to large openings
• Easy to roll up and roll down
• Suitable for industrial and commercial properties - doors and windows
• Fabricated from galvanised steel - weather and rust proof, low maintenance
• Shutter are custom made - to fit perfectly
• Protects doors - windows and open spaces
• Ideal for shop fronts, warehouses and commercial properties
• Fast, efficient trouble free installations by our experienced team

We can ensure that our roller doors are of the high quality and some of the most durable doors on the market.

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Automated Shutters