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 Need post or packing supplies in Ireland? Here at huntoffice we offer a great range of post and packing products to fulfil your needs. Checkout our full range of packaging supplies for all your packing requirements. When it comes to postage we provide a wide variety of post supplies ranging from must haves like stamps and envelopes to postal scales and mailroom furniture.

Packing Supplies – no matter if it is for home or office, we provide packing products which include cardboard boxes, packing tapes, zip-lock bags, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, tackers, cutting knives and blades and many other products which make packing easier and more efficient.

Packing Supplies

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Address Labels – you can choose from a selection of professional address labels designed for use with various types of machines. We sell laser labels, inkjet labels, copier labels and also multifunction labels. Within the labels range you can also find mini labels and clear labels.

Address Labels

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Envelopes – the choice of envelopes on our site includes the most popular types and sizes of envelopes like DL envelopes, C4 and C5 envelopes. We also carry wage envelopes, protective envelopes, bubble envelopes, gusset envelopes, board envelopes, documents enclosed envelopes and non-standard size envelopes. All of our envelopes come in large and small pack sizes so both home and business users can find envelopes in required size.


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Postage Supplies – this is where you will get essential postage products such as postage stamps, franking labels, mailing tubes, digital and analogue postal scales, letter openers and letter folding machines. A separate category incorporates various types of post and suggestion boxes available in a selection of colours and sizes.

Postage Supplies

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Mailroom Furniture – we provide postal solutions which can be implemented within existing facilities such as receptions or front desk areas as well as complete fitting of a dedicated mailroom. Proper mailroom furniture allows efficient post management which saves both time and money. You can choose from a variety of mailroom sorters, mailroom tables as well as mail trolleys and mobile sorters.

Mailroom Furniture

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Hand Carts and Trucks – for any warehouse and business needs which include transporting goods we offer a great choice of different hand carts and trucks with various capacities and for multiple purposes. Some of the products available within this section include platform trucks, hand trolleys, folding trolleys, heavy duty trolleys and mailroom trolleys.

Hand Carts and Trucks

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