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HuntOffice Business Benefits



Reduce costs

Reduced prices on your favourite brands - large range of non-branded alternatives - default view showing prices low to high - helps you to reduce your office supplies spending costs.
Save time

With over 150,000 products including office supplies, work wear, safety signs and much, much more... HuntOffice enables you to source all your required items from one location.
Greater visibility

Consolidate your team's spending activities into a single account with the ability to add additional users on a single account. By having a multi-user single account, you can easily view and control your team's activities.
Easy reconciliation

Use an internal PO number when ordering so you later have the ability to match purchase orders against invoices and payments.


  Reduce Costs
Competitive prices: Find your favourite brands on HuntOffice at reduced prices.  We also provide high quality non branded alternatives enabling customers to buy their business supplies at competitive prices.

Easily find the best prices: To ensure customers see the best prices available - by default we display our products lists by the lowest price first.

30 days credit: We offer qualifying business customers at least 30 days credit.  For more infomation go to - business  credit.
  Save Time
One stop shop: With over 150,000 office products in one location from office supplies to cleaning supplies. HuntOffice lets you consolidate all your business supply needs in one location reducing the need to manage lots of different suppliers.

Easier VAT invoice management: All our prices are Ex VAT.  We also provide the option to download PDF VAT invoices so you can easy match your bank statements with your invoices at any time.

Convenient reordering tools: In your order history we provide convenient re-ordering features that let you reorder an entire order or a particular item from a previous order.   We also give you the ability to add your favourite frequently purchased products to your Wish list.
  Greater visibility
Consolidate your team's spending: By having the ability to add multiple users and delivery addresses on a single account you can view and manage your team's spend.

Control your team's purchases: By setting up and sharing a purchasing list with your team, you can influence what items are purchased.

Range of reports available: We provide an extensive range of reports and recommendations to enable you to evaluate and get the most out of your office supplies spend.
  Easy reconciliation
Line-item detail: Receive detailed invoices so you can easily monitor your purchases each month and reconcile with purchase orders and payments.

Assign PO numbers to your orders: By adding a purchase order number you can easily track and reconcile your invoices.

Extensive reporting available: We offer a range of extensive reports and advise so at the end of a quarter or year so you can do a full analysis.  We can also review your account to ensure you are making the most of your spend.



Retail Hospitality SME's Organisations Education
  HuntOffice knows that retail is a fast-moving industry and we have a strong reputation of providing exceptional service for our customers and yours. When it comes to bars, restaurants, hotels or event venues, the best place for all your hospitality needs is HuntOffice! With the growth in the Irish economy, there are more SME’s than ever and here at HuntOffice we want to provide for yours If you work in a large organisation, get everything you need at including bulk supply packs at discounted prices. Inquire about automatic credit terms for state run educational facilities.