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Office Cleaning Supplies

Welcome to our cleaning department, your one-stop shop for cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment for your office or home. Hunt Office Ireland stock a full range of products that keep your workplace at the highest standard of hygiene and cleanness. Shop our huge range of Office Cleaning Supplies

    Cleaning Essentials

  • From small essential products like hand soaps and sanitisers to vacuum cleaners and cleaning trolleys, you can ensure every area of your workplace is clean with Hunt Office. Another group of products that we offer are various types of cleaning agents - we supply all the necessary products to clean surfaces, floors, bathrooms and kitchens. For bathroom cleaning you can choose among toilet cleaners, washroom cleaners and disinfectants. We also offer multipurpose, floor, kitchen and glass cleaners and also furniture polish products. Cleaning Products ireland

  • Cleaning Supplies Ireland

  • To be able to fully take care of your home or office it is necessary to have the proper equipment. Here at Hunt Office we stock a complete selection of products like floor mops and buckets, brushes and dustpans, vacuum cleaners, power washers and cleaning trolleys. So that you can have a well organised waste management system within your company.

  • Cleaning Products Ireland

  • Since computer equipment is an essential part of any company we have a dedicated category which incorporates various types of computer cleaning products – air dusters, screen cleaning wipes, cleaning foams and liquid.


Cleaning Supplies Ireland

Toilet Paper, Tissues & Towels

Toilet Paper, Tissues & Towels - We offer a wide selection of toilet paper and tissues in various lengths of rolls and sheet quantities, most of which come in bulk packaging. The range includes: toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, hand towels, facial tissues, toilet roll dispenser refills, towel dispenser refills and tissue dispenser refills.

Toilet Paper, Tissues & Towels
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Hand Wash

Hand Wash - We provide a wide selection of liquid soaps, antibacterial gels and foam soaps. We also supply hand cream to leave your hands feeling soft and smooth. All of the hand soaps in this section are designed to kill germs effectively and most are suitable for sensitive skin. We also stock a range of hand soap dispenser refills.

Hand Wash
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Soap & Tissue Dispensers

Soap & Tissue Dispensers - We supply commercial soap dispensers, towel dispensers, roll dispensers and sheet dispensers. All our dispensers are wall mounted to ensure longer durability and most of them have a clear way of showing the level of soap or towel left in it. We also provide a complete range of refills for all the dispensers we are selling.

Soap & Tissue Dispensers
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Bathroom Cleaning Products

Bathroom Cleaning Products -  We provide a selection of toilet cleaners and fresheners, disinfectant and bathroom accessories. Before you start cleaning your bathroom it is extremely important that you wear a pair of gloves to protect your skin. Some of the chemicals in bathroom cleaning products can be very harsh, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin.

Bathroom Cleaning Products
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Computer Cleaning Products

Computer Cleaning Products - We  offer a great selection of products which help to maintain your computer in the best condition. Our range is especially designed to clean electronic devices and should be helpful in extending and preserving the life of your equipment.

Computer Cleaning Products
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Bins & Refuse

Bins & Refuse - Here you will find a wide range of bins, including small office and home bins, wheelie bins, recycling bins and cigarette bins. The waste disposal supplies section also offers rubbish bags, cleaning trolleys and hazardous waste disposal products.

Bins & Refuse
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Pressure washers & accessories

Pressure Washers & Accessories - We provide a large range of home and professional pressure washers, floor sweepers, professional carpet cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, as well as parts, accessories and Karcher cleaning detergents.

Pressure Washers & Accessories
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Surface Cleaners

Surface Cleaners - Choose from a variety of popular cleaning products: multi-purpose cleaners, glass and window cleaners, floor and furniture cleaners. We provide a premium range of products as well as budget level cleaning detergents.

Surface Cleaners
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Cleaning cloths & Wipes

Cleaning Cloths & Wipes - We provide a great range of products to help you with everyday cleaning at home or office: absorbent cloths, all-purpose wipes, pad scourers, sponge cloths, microfibre cleaning cloths and tea towels. We also sell wet cleansing wipes for cleaning your hands and body.

Cleaning Cloths & Wipes
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Floor cleaning products

Floor Cleaning Products - Here in the Huntoffice Floor Cleaning Products section you will find all the essential supplies that help to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and meet the strictest hygiene standards. We provide floor cleaning products such as floor mops, buckets, mop heads and mop handles suitable for office and industrial floor use. We also offer vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners that are great for cleaning large floor areas. 

Floor Cleaning Products
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Hotel & Housekeeping supplies

Hotel & Housekeeping Supplies - Here you will find all Hotel and Housekeeping supplies as well as Catering Trolleys, Laundry & Linen Trolleys, Luggage Trolley.

Hotel & Housekeeping Supplies
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