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User Alice   
Avery 21 Per Sheet Multifunction Labels 70 x 42.3mm (2100 Labels)
 Star Rating Highly Recommend   
  "Great quality labels! They do produce great prints and you can write on them with high quality too. There are 210 of these labels in the pack and that is more than enough to satisfy my needs for them, but for office use or industrial use the labels might run out quicker. Delivery was on time too, which is rare when you live in a rural area!"  
User Diarmuid James  
Avery White Quickdry Inkjet 14 Per Sheet (Pack of 350)
 Star Rating Great Product   
  "The Avery J8163-25 Inkjet labels are fantastic, totally foolproof to use and smudge proof and fast drying. 14 labels per sheet and the colour & text comes out perfectly. Great price from Hunts."  
User Becky  
Avery J8651-25 Mini Labels Inkjet 65 per Sheet 38.1 x 21.2mm White 1625 Labels
 Star Rating Great Buy   
  "Your just can't beat Avery for labels! They are simply the most durable and best quality in my opinion. I have tried so many alternatives and I'm sticking with Avery, for quality and durability. These Avery Mini Labels produce excellent prints every time in my inkjet printer. They are white and 65 labels per sheet about 38.1 x 21.2mm. I use them for return address and for labelling files and other items in the office. They are multipurpose really. Super sticky, you don't have to worry about them peeling off. Great value from hunt office and fast delivery too."  
User Finlay Hale  
Avery 1 per Sheet Clear Laser Label A4 (Pack of 25)
 Star Rating Very Useful for Health & Safety   
  "The reason we bought a packet of Avery Clear Address Laser Labels was for health and safety reasons. We work in an old badly designed building where a number of stairways are built behind doors. So people who are not familiar with the layout of the building could easily fall down the stairs when they walk through the door. One of the marketing guys designed a warning sign that would warn people about the concealed danger. We have printed the large warning, 1 per sheet on each clear label and stuck them to the outside of the doors. This should stop any unnecessary accidents from happening..."  
User Cathal B.  
Avery C32026-25 Business Cards 85 x 54mm Satin Ultra White Laser 270gsm 85 x 54 Pack 250
 Star Rating Super Convenient Business Cards!   
  "Brilliant product, the cards went through my printer with complete ease, no jams. The software to create the design is good and fairly easy to use. So convenient as you only need to print business cards when you know you need more rather than ordering in bulk and potentially risking the design or information on the cards getting outdated. The only downside is you cant choose the dimensions of the cards yourself, you could cut the business cards but there is no guarantee they would be exactly the same size (which is obviously important for the cards to look professional). Other than that you have complete creative control."  
User Master Shredder  
Avery A4 Office Guillotine GUA4
 Star Rating Delighted!   
  "Very satisfied with the way it works. As for a low price guillotine it surprisingly runs very smooth and the blades are super sharp. I use it from time to time so I didn't want to spend an awful lot and this provides solid functionality and doesn't drain your pockets. Avery is a great choice for office products such as this guillotine and most of the products (even the cheaper ones) are very solid, i would say that this A4 guillotine should work grand for any type of low or medium volume of cutting. I would also like to add that it is very well priced when compared to some other online stores I have checked before purchasing it here."  
User Pete Jacobs  
Avery 1-5 Dividers Coloured Tabs Ready Index 01733501
 Star Rating A Brilliant Brand!   
  "Avery is the only brand I'll use for dividers. I've tried other brands but been disappointed with the quality a lot of the time being quite thin resulting in them tearing very easily. These Avery coloured tabs are thicker and therefore more resistant to tearing. Numbered 1-5 perfect for use with our files. Also comes with a unique printable contents sheet for personalisation, which we were able to use with Microsoft Word and print no problem. Couldn't be happier with the quality of these Avery dividers."