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Welcome to the Huntoffice break time supplies section. Here at HuntOffice we are fully aware how important it is to maintain a proper level of staff facilities. Therefore we offer a fantastic selection of canteen supplies which will allow you to have a quality break or lunch in the workplace. Here you can buy supplies for your canteen or staff room which include a great range of drinks and snacks (fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, sweets and biscuits) as well as a selection of essential canteen equipment (coffee makers, kettles, mugs, etc.) including cutlery and tableware (spoons, forks, knives) and also condiments and flavourings (sugar, instant meals, etc.)

Drinks & Snacks – Ensure your employees have all of the essential daily break time food items as well as treats by stocking up on drinks and snacks for your canteen. A lot of the drinks and snacks supplies in this section are available in large multi packs as well as regular packs which make them absolutely ideal for any size of work force. Also a good idea for the home if you prefer to buy your drinks and snacks in bulk, saving you a significant amount of money in the long run.

drinks and snacks

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Canteen Equipment – In this section, you will find all of the essential every day canteen equipment needed for the effective and smooth running of break times in your canteen or kitchen. With the right equipment, it will ensure staff members are getting good use out of the canteen whether they need to make a quick tea or coffee on a short break or heat up something in the microwave for their lunch. All of the canteen equipment items are suited for the home as well as the office.

Canteen Equipments

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Cutlery & Tableware – Whether you need extra cutlery and tableware for your kitchen at home or for the canteen at work we have a vast selection to choose from here. You can never have enough cutlery and tableware in the canteen at work, especially in organizations that have a large number of people using the facilities each day.

Cutlery and tableware

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Hampers - Birthday or Christmas - Here you will find hamper for any occasion. We offer a wide selection of Christmas hampers, baby hampers, birthday hampers, food hampers and non-alcohol hampers at huntoffice you will find the perfect hamper for your special occasion.


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Condiments & Flavourings - In this section, you will find all of the essential condiments and flavorings needed to complement or prepare the dish during break times both at work or at home. We supply a variety of instant meals, sugar, sachets of sauce. Many condiments are available in single-serving sachets or packed in bigger more economical sizes to suits more. Whether you need to sweetened up your tea or coffee on a short break or prepare an instant meal like soup, porridge or noodle for lunch or breakfast we have a wide range. All of the condiments and flavorings are suited for the home as well as the office use.


Condiments and Flavourings

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Here in the Breaktime section, you will find a wide variety of canteen supplies from well-known brands such as Cadbury, Nescafe, Kenco, Barry's Tetley, Twinnings, Maagi, Knorr, Flahavans, Marmite, Nutella, Coca-Cola, Styleworks, Morphy Richards and many more.