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Belkin Store Apple Store Logitech Store HP Store Dell Store Western Digital Store Plantronics Store


Looking for technology products for your home or office? Huntoffice provides a broad range of technological products from the most popular manufacturers in the industry. We are expanding our range of gadgets constantly and offer the newest devices as soon as they are available for the Irish market. This category consists of hundreds of products ranging from large devices to minor accessories. Below are some of the popular sections included in our technology range of products.

iPads and Tablets – being extremely convenient to use on the go and providing the users with the same functions as a laptop or netbook these devices are becoming more and more popular. On our site you will find a full range of Apple iPads as well as other types of tablets from different manufacturers such as Samsung, Prestigio and Yarvik.

Digital Cameras – our range of digital cameras includes all types of cameras suitable for amateurs and professionals. Types of cameras available on compact cameras – small in size and inexpensive are a great option for anyone who wants a camera which will deliver great photos without the need to manually adjust the settings; hybrid cameras which are usually bigger in size than compact cameras and allow the user a choice of manual settings; DSLR cameras which are the most advanced type of cameras and are used by professionals and users who have some knowledge about photography. For more information on digital cameras visit our Cameras Buyers Guide.

Computer Storage Media – this category includes all sorts of digital memory carriers such as memory cards which can be used with various electronic devices; USB sticks and external hard drives which are a handy way of storing and carrying any type of digital data. We also have a large selection of data tapes, DVD, CD and Blu Ray discs.

Computer Accessories – all the essential bits and pieces for your computer work which include various types of keyboards, computer mouse, webcams, computer monitors and computer speakers. We also carry a selection of products that increase the comfort and usability of your computer such as monitor arms, screen filters, monitor risers, laptop stands, wrist rests, mouse mats and surge protectors.

In the Technology section you will also find e book readers, digital camcorders, satellite navigation systems, laptop bags, computer cables, batteries, computer software, routers, electricity monitors and dozens of other technology products.