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Here's what our customers are saying...

David Jones  
Manhattan Barcode Scanner Contact CCD 80mm USB Black
  Ideal for a high speed environment  
  "This barcode scanner is ideal for a high speed environment. The warehouse I work in Is for a huge multinational company, and everything is conducted in a very speedy manner. So it helps to have hardware that can keep up with you!"  
Steve Mayer  
Datalogic QuickScan QW2120-BK Handheld Barcode Scanner
  Perfect for warehouse use.  
  The scan angle is very wide, there is really good read feedback. Scanning on various surfaces, never experience problems with this. Also it's USB compatible, working very good with our old PCs as well as the new laptop. With up to 400 reads per second it's perfect for warehouse use.  
Bob Hickman  
EPOSNOW USB Barcode Scanner M-1695
  Lightweight and durable
  This epos scanner is perfect for my needs, lightweight and durable. Scanning all barcodes, even damaged or irregular barcodes. Very reliable even in the busiest office.  

Brian O'Brian  
HP Linear Barcode Scanner II
  Really cool thing!  
  Got this scanner for my use, I consider it a very good as it's scanning long barcodes, linear codes etc. I got also stand for this scanner that comes in the same box which is really cool thing!  
Daniel S.  
HP Imaging Barcode Scanner - Barcode scanner
  This little scanner is doing the job.  
  What I like about this headset its handy, compact and it's scanning every single code i have to be scanned. It's single line 1D scanner which is efficient enough for variety of applications. This little scanner is doing the job.  
Jennifer F. Cork  
Wasp WWS450H 2D Healthcare Scanner Complete with USB Base
  You can't go wrong with the WASP barcode scanners!  
  I purchased this scanner recently because I'm working in hospital, doing ultrasounds where antibacterial surfaces are needed. This scanner is suitable for healthcare and we recently purchased this from HuntOffice. Very happy with this purchase, it's not cheap but it's efficient and you can't go wrong with the WASP barcode scanners as this is the best company doing these scanners.  
Billy Macdonald  
Manhattan Barcode Scanner Stand - Gooseneck with Base for Manhattan 1D CCD Barcode Scanner
  Very handy to have this gooseneck barcode scanner  
  Very handy to have this gooseneck barcode scanner stand. I purchased this one from HuntOffice because the original Manhattan scanner doesnt come along with the stand. I find it handy to have this scanner.