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When shopping for batteries the main criteria should be establishing the type of battery which will meet your needs – the choice is between disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries. The first type is designed to be used once and after they are no longer capable of providing power they should be disposed of. Manufacturers don’t recommend recharging disposable batteries, since it is not possible to reliably recharge them. Disposable batteries work well with devices with low drain such as remote controls, torches, alarm clocks, smoke detectors etc. – mainly because they lose power slowly and can last for many months.

It is worth mentioning that batteries, even if not used, lose a percentage (in between 8 and 20%) of their charge every year. Rechargeable batteries can be used numerous times since their design allows multiple recharging cycles. The technology used in rechargeable batteries makes them perfect to be used with high drain tech devices like digital cameras.

Explore our range of batteries today, in a variety of sizes and voltages to suit an array of devices and needs.

Here's what our customers are saying...

about Energizer CR2430 Button Cell Coin Batteries Lithium Battery Pack 2
   Great price.  
  "I was trawling the local shops for ages trying to find these CR2430 batteries. I was so delighted when I fond them for cheap here at Huntoffice that I bought several so I wouldn't be in a position of no batteries for a while. Great price, swift delivery. A++"  
about Duracell Industrial Battery Alkaline 1.5V AAA Ref 5000835 Pack 10
   The best deal on the market.   
  "Duracell is the best batteries brand, they never disappointed me. I can recommend this 10 pack of batteries, probably the best deal on the market. "  
 Daisy Shipley   
about Duracell Industrial Battery Alkaline 1.5V AAA Ref 5000835 Pack 10
   Very happy and satisfied.  
  "I needed batteries so I decided to buy these Duracell industrial batteries and I'm happy with them to be honest. They are very high quality and hey have a long lifespan. I'm very happy and satisfied with this product."  
about Duracell Industrial Battery Alkaline 1.5V AAA Ref 5000835 Pack 10
   Thankful for HuntOffice.   
  "I was in need to get the batteries asap for my office. Thankful for HuntOffice it was delivered the next day after ordering, excellent service - thank you."  
about Duracell Industrial Battery Alkaline 1.5V AAA Ref 5000835 Pack 10
   I like.   
  "These are the batteries of my choice when it comes to supplying power to my devices. I like there are 10 units inside the package, it's fair play for the price of few euros."  
 Matthew Webb   
about White Box Alkaline Batteries AA (Pack 4)
   Good quality.  
  "These batteries are such good value. They are so cheap and are actually good quality. They last a decent amount of time and because they are cheap it is no problem at all to buy more when they do run out of power."  
 Christina Geitze   
about Duracell Stay Charged AA Battery Rechargeable 1950mAh 1.2V Pack 4
   Great selection.   
  "Coming towards Christmas I know from experience that if Santa brings toys that use batteries, and there are no batteries to get the toys working, it is a bad Santa time.... I find huntoffice have a great selection and that these Duracell AA rechargeable batteries are most popular. I have stocked up this year already. These batteries can be charged 100's of times"  
 Brian Hickey   
about Duracell Stay Charged AA Battery Rechargeable 1950mAh 1.2V Pack 4
   Very good price   
  "I have always been a fan of Duracell and I am so impressed with the Duracell AA Rechargeable Batteries Pack 4 Size 1.2V 75071752 from Huntoffice. Rechargeable duracell batteries that last the distance each time they are recharged. A dream come true. Very good price"  
 Brian Lynch   
about Duracell Simply AA Alkaline Battery (4 Pack) 81235210>
 Amazing company.   
  "I really hate changing batteries and I got these Duracell mn1500 simply battery. They can be trusted as they last for a very long time. They are alkaline batteries and I'm more than satisfied with them they deliver to the expectations. Amazing product from an amazing company."  
 Mike D, Dublin   
about Duracell Simply AAA Alkaline Battery (4 Pack) 81235219
 You can't go wrong .   
  "You can't go wrong with Duracell batteries. I have used cheap AAA batteries but to be honest it is a waste of money as they last few times less than the Duracell ones. This Duracell MN2400 4 pack is what I usually get every few months as I find them to work great with my dictaphone."