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When shopping for batteries the main criteria for that should be establishing the type of battery which will mostly meet our needs – the choice is between disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries.

The first type is designed to be used once and after they are no longer capable of providing power they should be disposed of. Manufacturers don’t recommend recharging disposable batteries since it is not possible to reliably recharge them. Disposable batteries work well with devices with low drain such as remote controls, torches, alarm clocks, smoke detectors etc. – mainly because they lose power slowly and can last for many months. It is worth mentioning that batteries even if not used lose a percentage (in between 8 and 20%) of their charge every year.

Rechargeable batteries can be used numerous types since their design allows multiple recharging cycles. The technology used in rechargeable batteries makes them perfect to be used with high drain tech devices like digital came