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What is most important when looking to buy electronic calculator is to determine for what purposes is it going to be mainly used and what the required features are. To help the customers choose the correct type for their needs we have divided electronic calculators into five categories which might help you with choosing the most suitable electronic calculators that meet all the requirements.


One of the things worth considering when buying most types of electronic calculators is the type of battery it uses. An average battery life span in an electronic calculator is said to be 9000 hours of work time which can mean years of using calculator without the need to replace the battery. Obviously it all depends on the actual time when the electronic calculator is on. Choosing an electronic calculator with dual power source (solar and battery) is a smart choice as the regular battery is used as a backup and the main source of power is the solar panel which significantly extends the life of any electronic calculator.  Printing calculators are a bit different than most of electronic calculators since they also have to provide power for print head and the small engine that moves the paper roll. Majority of such electronic calculators would only use mains power and some have the option to use AA batteries as power source.

A lot of even simple electronic calculators include popular functions like currency conversion and tax calculation which turn out to be very useful for both private and business users. We are sure that our selection of electronic calculators can satisfy any customer requirements and provide them with the right type of device.


Electronic calculators selection on our site includes:

Basic electronic calculators – such electronic calculators are usually inexpensive devices that can easily be handheld to provide calculating solutions for users on the go. Basic electronic calculators come with a single line display and often include some form of protective case.

 • Desktop electronic calculators – these are a bit more advanced electronic calculators that are larger but compact enough to fit them on top of your desk. These electronic calculators are the most popular type of electronic calculators that are used within business and offices. This is mainly thanks to the wide range of features they offer as well as the large sized keys and screen.

Scientific and financial calculators – if you are looking for electronic calculators which deliver the most advanced mathematical features and allow you to carry out some more advanced calculations, scientific or financial electronic calculators are the tool that you require. Whether it is for educational or business needs – our selection of advanced electronic calculators allows quick and easy finding of the best calculator according to your demands.

Print Calculators – typically these are the largest electronic calculators that you will find on the market. A lot of print calculators are mains powered only as they are designed to work in office environments mainly for accounting needs.

Apart from electronic calculators themselves we carry a selection of accessories such as calculator paper rolls, ink rollers, ribbons and power adapters. In our batteries section you can also find cell batteries suitable for all the calculators that we are selling.

The brands available on Huntoffice.ie include the best electronic calculators manufacturers like Casio, Canon, Sharp, Aurora and Ibico.