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Barton Mesh Platform Mobile Hand Truck Four Sided Mesh Capacity 250kg Green TT4S 271713

Barton Mesh Platform Mobile Hand Truck Four Sided Mesh …

RRP: €354.79
€279.50 ex vat
€343.79 inc vat
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Here's what our customers are saying...

Francis Burke   
Platform Truck Double Ply End 2 Sides Blue/Black 376420 500kg
  Durable Enclosed Platform Truck   
  "Very Pleased with the quality of this platform truck, It's perfect to protect larger unstable items in transit around the warehouse as it has sides. The truck itself can easily take the capacity limit of 500kg, although I wouldn't push the limit for the sake of keeping the platform truck in peak condition. The wheel movement is also good, easy to change direction but obviously this becomes harder the heavier the load. Overall great product and I would recommend the purchase if it suits your needs."  
B.M. Farm  
Heavy Duty Purpose Truck With Mesh Base And Puncture Proof Tyred Wheels
  Heavy Duty Truck Farm Use   
  "Very useful truck to have around the farm, it saves a ton of manual lifting. The puncture proof tyres have definitely stood the test of time around the yard where there can be a variety of sharp tools, jagged surfaces and rough terrain to go around and over. Definitely a purchase we are happy with."  
Colin B.D.  
Safco Locking Steel Suggestion Box Black 4232BL
  Box Truck Solution  
  "We have a fairly big complex of warehouses, and as everyone knows the weather is not always great in this country so sometimes when products need to be transferred around on foot they need protection from the rain, so glad the administrators found this product! It doesn't keep 100% of the water out but the products do stay dry and it is far more effective than any other methods we tried. We've been using these box trucks for this purpose for a good while now and so far they haven't shown any signs of material deterioration, even though they probably aren't built for regular exposure to rain. We do towel the box trucks off once indoors again to preserve them for as long as possible. This solution really has helped us!"  


Turntable Trailer 2000x1000 Solid Tyres 1000Kg
  Ideal Turntable Trailer  
  "Perfect trailer for order fulfilment, our warehouse aisles can comfortably fit three of these side by side so there's no congestion issues with them either. The truck itself is hefty though so if you are transporting heavy goods i'd be mindful of that!"  


Dumping Cart 125 Litre Green/Black 382074
  Quality Garden Cart   
  "Great for the garden, cart and tyres easily move around. The green container tips making this a perfect dumping cart for soil/weeds/compost/straw, anything you can think of really. It is also quite good value as the quality and durability of the dumping cart is fantastic."