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Catering Trolleys at The GPC Industries Store

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GPC 3-Shelf Service Trolley Grey HI424Y

GPC 3-Shelf Service Trolley Grey HI424Y

RRP: €371.28
€159.95 ex vat
€196.74 inc vat
GPC 3-Shelf Service Trolley Black GI341L

GPC 3-Shelf Service Trolley Black GI341L

RRP: €454.25
€194.95 ex vat
€239.79 inc vat
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Here's what our customers are saying...

Deep Ledge Trolley PBC2030-2DBL 2-Tier Black 375053
  Catering Trolley   
  "This catering trolley is perfect for dirty dishes because the ledges are deep. The surface is also very easy to clean, which needs to happen very regularly. Our plates in the restaurant are quite heavy and the trolley can handle stacks of them no problem, but we try never to let the pile get too high!"  
Paul O'Leary  
Compact Maid Service Trolley Suitable For 8 To 10 Rooms Capacity 20kg
  Our Mail Service Trolley Solution!   
  "On the top floor of our hotel the hallways are quite narrow and the normal laundry service trolleys cant fit around one particular corner that leads to the staff elevator, so we were stuck for a solution! This trolley is the perfect size, we had to buy different trolleys to store the clean linens, replacement toiletries etc. but two smaller trolleys will a least fit around the corner!"  
Richard L.  
Rubbermaid X-Tra Service Cart with Lockable Doors and Sliding Drawer Grey
  Security cupboard on wheels  
  "Fierce handy cart to have if you need an extra bit of security, some of our equipment was pricey and if the cart is left unattended it is better to have the lockable doors! Secure storage on wheels. The assembly process was easy enough, took some concentration but shouldn't cause Issue."  


Three Tier Plastic Tray Trolley One Open Side & With 2 Frames & Nylon Bag
  Great Housekeeping Cart!   
  "Great housekeeping cart, two bags for the used laundry and plenty of shelf space for refillable items and clean laundry. Panelled side is great for a cart like this as the housekeeping trolleys are usually up against the wall and pulling off or moving along the wall used to snag and pull some sheets/towels from our old trolleys."  


Connor T Byrne  
Rubbermaid Utility Cart Polypropylene 3 Tiers Scratch Resistant
  Great Quality and Quantity Shrink Wrap!   
  "The cart is very durable, no surprise that it is a high quality product from Rubbermaid. Easy to load/unload from any side as they are all open. Also the steering of the cart is smooth and light, thanks to the comfortable handles and good wheels ."