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Welcome to the homepage for CCTV Cameras.

If you are a first time visitor to our webstore then you are most welcome. Returning customers will testify that we have successfully been at the forefront of the online office supplies industry for the past number of years. Our catalogue of CCTV Cameras and office supplies has steadily grown to a position where we can now boost an impressive range of 20,000 individual products over a diverse range of categories.

We distribute our range of CCTV cameras from our central distribution hub in Citywest, Dublin.

Looking for CCTV cameras to secure your home or office? Here at, you will find CCTV supplies including: wireless security cameras which can be linked up to your TV, PC or laptop; full CCTV camera kits with their own storage drives and motion sensor activators; we also stock dummy security cameras which are a great low cost option. Most of the cameras listed on our site are suitable for outdoor use.  All our CCTV products come from one of the best manufacturers in CCTV industry - Philex. 

Now more than ever, the people of Ireland realise the necessity of protecting their homes and offices from intruders or from unscrupulous staff members who steal huge quantities of cash and/or products on a weekly basis. To help you counteract these serious threats, we have listed on our site a number of CCTV camera options which may help deter or detect malicious activity. It is regrettable to report that domestic and business burglaries are on the rise. Many customers are turning to security technologies such as CCTV cameras to give them peace of mind.

For home users, CCTV cameras will detect suspicious activity around the perimeter of your residence. When used inside the home, CCTV’s can help you monitor the activities of your child minder or housekeeper. CCTV Cameras may also be used as a method of keeping track of an unruly teenager or troublesome neighbour.

For business users, the temptation to steal can often be too much of a lure for some staff members who unfortunately may end up pocketing products from shop shelves or storeroom. Similarly, when it comes to cash, the temptation can be even greater when money is left unattended.  While most business owners would like to give their employees the benefit of the doubt, the financial implication of leaving staff unmonitored is often too big a risk, so business owners are left with little choice but to install CCTV cameras in the hope that they may deter any would-be thief’s. Another reason businesses choose to install CCTV Camera’s on their premises is to counteract would-be fraudsters who may claim to have been injured or assaulted while on the company’s property.