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In our Computer Storage Media category we have included all sorts of products that allow to record and store any type of digital data. This section consists of items that allow: archiving music, video or photo library; backing up important data; quick transfer and storage of multimedia needed on daily basis.

Why is Computer Storage Media so important?

Computer storage media provides extra space for storing and archiving any form of media or data, freeing up much needed space on your computer’s hard drive. Choosing the correct form of computer storage media will prevent you from using up too much space on your computer’s hard drive which will not only keep your important data safe in the event of your computer crashing but also keep your computer running at optimum speed.

Types of Computer Storage Media available on

• External Hard Drives – because of their lightweight, handy size and the ease of transferring data they have become one of the most popular computer accessory in the past few years. External hard drives are available in a huge selection of disk capacities which can be numerous times larger the hard drives in most of laptops and PC’s which allows not worrying about small disk space anymore. With a USB connection you get instant access to the stored data without the need of using any complicated software.

• Memory Cards – they are commonly used in almost any digital camera, portable media player or mobile phone. Since they can be easily replaced in any device they allow the user to choose the memory size that is required by their individual needs. The prices of memory cards have dropped a lot in the last few years and they have become extremely affordable.

• Memory sticks – also called USB sticks are ideal for day to day use at work, college or at home. They deliver large capacities of disk space combined with small size of the device itself. A lot of contemporary audio and video equipment come fitted with USB ports which allow you to play music, videos and view pictures directly from a USB stick.

DVD & CD discs – we carry most of popular types of recordable discs that are available on the market. You can choose between discs that can only be recorded once and rewritable ones that allow erasing and recording new content numerous times. Apart from standard CD’s and DVD’s we also sell Blu-ray discs which have an impressive capacity size.

Some of the brands of computer storage media products available here on include Verbatim, HP, Imation, Integral and Silicon Power.