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Whether you're looking for a standard clipboard or something more specialized like an A3 clipboard or cork clipboard, we have you covered. Shop online at for high-quality clipboards delivered right to your door.

Quality Clipboards in Ireland

Find the perfect clipboard for your office or workspace in Ireland at We offer a diverse range of clipboards suitable for various tasks and environments.

A3 Clipboards

Need a larger clipboard to accommodate A3-sized documents? Browse our collection of A3 clipboards, ideal for artists, designers, architects, and anyone working with larger paper sizes.

Cork Clipboards

For a sustainable and stylish option, check out our cork clipboards. Made from eco-friendly materials, cork clipboards provide a natural look and feel while offering a sturdy surface for your notes and documents.

Clipboards - Convenient Office Tool

A clipboard is a must-have office supply that enables you to hold multiple sheets of paper securely, providing a hard writing surface ideal for people on the move. It's commonly used by warehouse workers, marketing professionals, and more.

Wide Range of Options

At, we offer clipboards in various colours, including Black, Blue, Red, Brown, Clear, Green, Assorted, Grey, and Pink. Choose from a variety of sizes, including foolscap, A4, and A3, to suit your specific needs.

Durable Materials

Depending on your tasks, you can opt for plastic, hardboard, or metal clipboards. Metal clipboards, preferred in industries like health, pharmaceuticals, and warehouses, offer strength, rigidity, and easy maintenance, making them perfect for industrial use.

Essential for Organization

Whether you're an events coordinator, wedding planner, or quality control worker, a clipboard is essential for staying organized and ensuring tasks are completed accurately. For outdoor use, consider a fold-over clipboard with a protective cover to shield your documents from the elements.

Tips for Choosing a Clipboard

  • Consider Your Environment: Choose a clipboard based on your working environment, such as an office or warehouse setting.
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Use: If you work mainly outdoors, opt for a clipboard with a protective cover for your documents.
  • Size Matters: Determine the size of pages you'll be handling and select a clipboard accordingly.
  • Colour Preference: Choose a clipboard colour that aligns with your corporate image or personal preference.

We deliver throughout Ireland, including to Dublin, Limerick, Cork, and Galway.


Here's what our customers are saying...

Mark Murphy  
Avery Grey Steel Foolscap Clipboard
  Class Product!   
  "Great product, very fast delivery and fair price. Will highly recommend this clipboard to everyone who needs using such. Avery make class products and even cheap items like a simple clipboard are top class."  
Lucy Scott  
5 Star Office Standard Clipboard with PVC Cover Foolscap Black
  Great Clipboard!  
  "Would you believe I searched high and low for a foolscap sized clipboard and couldn't find one! Wish I'd thought of shopping for one online sooner I would have saved myself a lot of time and petrol money! I prefer foolscap to A4 because it's larger so can cater for larger sized documents. This clipboard being PVC is one of the more durable ones I've used with a sturdy clip on it too."  
Avery Grey Steel Foolscap Clipboard
  Excellent Heavy Duty Clipboard!  
  "This should actually be called a heavy duty clipboard! It feels firm in the hand and it is awfully strong."   
Theresa, Fermoy   
5 Star Office Standard Clipboard with PVC Cover Foolscap Black
  Fast Delivery!  
  "Can't fault this PVC clipboard. Can hold anything up to foolscap size. It does seem to be more durable than others I've used in the past with clips which when put under pressure started to break off. Delivered quickly as stated all in all very happy customer :)"  
Mary J 7th February 2013  
Avery Grey Steel Foolscap Clipboard
  "We had to get some steel clipboards for each of our ward nurses. They had to be steel because they needed to be cleaned down at the end of each shift. These avery grey steel foolscap clipboards were the only ones that I could find anywhere. Thank you hunt office."  
Seamus Dudley 9th February 2013   
5 Star Office Standard Clipboard with PVC Cover Foolscap Black
  Great Clipboard  
"I recently opened a small business and all my callers had to fill up their relevant details. I bought all my stationary from hunt office including this black foolscap pvc clipboard. I have customer detail sheets on the clipboard and everyone who comes in fills up one. The 5 star clipboard has been a great little asset to me."
Carol Russel   
5 Star Office Standard Clipboard with PVC Cover Foolscap Black
  Good Product  
  "I work in a hotel and I was asked to do some market research on visitors coming through the hotel door. I purchased these black foolscap clipboards as they blend in well with our colour scheme, the price is excellent, the clip on top was able to hold my pin and the survey which is handy, the clipboard is also fairly strong so i was comfortably able to write on, good product, we'll be purchasing a few more clipboards with our next order of office supplies."  
David Naughton   
5 Star Office Standard Clipboard with PVC Cover Foolscap Black 
  Great Quality Clip Board
  "The 5 Star Standard Clipboard with PVC Cover Foolscap in black is covered indurable PVC its Foolscap size is great for holding all size paper, files or even bingo tickets . Fingers crossed it brings me luck. Easy to carry around the office or home."  
5 Star Office Standard Clipboard with PVC Cover Foolscap Black
   Very Good Clipboard!   
  "These 5 Star Standard Clipboard with PVC Cover Foolscap also come in A4 size. ideal for indoor our outdoor use."  
5 Star Office Standard Clipboard with PVC Cover Foolscap Black 
   Great Product  
  "well made black clipboard that comes in foolscap size so it can hold small and large sheets, it is a standard product that is a office must have, the pvc cover is good in maintaining the clipboard in good condition"